Touched By A Mountain Gorilla

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This isn’t me, but wish it was. Reminded me of my encounter with Marika in 2008. Enjoy the video. It gets going around 1 minute in. Awesome.

You can’t have that experience sitting at home. :) Travel.

Craig Ouellette
Craig Ouellette is a world traveling, independent filmmaker, and karaoke fiend. He has been to dozens of countries, made dozens of films, and sung more karaoke songs than he can count. He hopes the tales of adventure will entertain.
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One Response to Touched By A Mountain Gorilla

  1. Marc January 10, 2012 at 3:40 pm #

    Simply amazing. I’m smiling ear to ear. I was there three years ago and certainly didn’t get that treatment :). Thrill of a lifetime…

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