6 Levels of Travel Destinations

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I’ve come up with this rating system (based on English speakers admittedly, but you can apply it to your own language). What purpose does it serve? It can make you figure out what you feel comfortable with, and maybe make you feel good when you take your traveling to the next level.


0. BEGINNER – Traveling in your own country
1. EASY – Traveling in a country with the same language (for USA, such as England, Australia etc) where they have a good tourist services.
2. MODERATE – Traveling in a country with a different language, but good tourist services (see Thailand, or perhaps France). Where perhaps the main tourist track speaks English.
3. ADVANCED – Traveling in a country with a very different language, and not good tourist services (See Russia, Kenya, or Peru if you didn’t know Spanish)
4. EXPERT – A country with different language, little to no tourist services, where you have to get local transport, perhaps bribe officials and such. (See Uganda, Bolivia, etc)
5. INSANE = Going to a war zone like Iraq or Somalia. Enough said.

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