Stylish Yakima Bike Racks, a Step Beyond Robust & Functional

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We discovered Yakima bike racks after several hours of fishing on the web and a couple of days of researching options for travelers. Since we’re doing a lot of car travel in New England this summer, we thought we’d test out a couple of bike racks and give them a spin.

We’re starting with the Yakima, since we loved their variety of choices, making it a godsend for people with more than one kind of vehicle. There are various options for how you affix a bike rack to your car (for newbies) and for those who have tried more than one type, you’ll love the fact that Yakima gives you choices within each category.

First, there’s the roof racks for people who like to put their bike on a pedestal but only have a car. The hitch racks go on the back of the car and albeit they can be a little pricier, they are very easy to assemble, install and load. There’s also one that connects to your spare tire and for those who have trunks, they offer racks you can use on the back of the truck to keep them securely fastened while you drive.   Lastly, there are trunk racks which come fully assembled and easy to install on both trunks or hatchbacks.

We like trunk racks since they are flexible and don’t require you to have a SUV or do any extra installation or adjusting. They simply affix to the back of your trunk and off you go.

Our favorite option of their trunk racks is the QuickBack 3 (there’s also a QuickBack 2), which features single-knob adjustment for lightning-fast installation, a steel-reinforced security strap, premium oversized padded feet and anti-sway cradles to eliminate bike contact. Below is the QuickBack 3, which we opted to test out for our first New England road trip.

The installation is fast right out-of-the-fox with its single adjustment knob. We found it fairly easy to install onto a Chevy Malibu.

The unit includes steel-reinforced strap security system, and labeled straps, making it easier to figure out how to install, a godsend for people like me. The arms fold down easily and quickly when you’re not using the unit so you can store it or toss in the car when you take your bikes off to ride. We weren’t traveling with a particularly large car — a Chevy Pontiac — and yet, it presented no problems installing regardless of the size or type of trunk.

First, we love the protective coating! Unlike any other bike rack I’ve ever had, there is a ton of protection for your car. The unit has premium oversized padded feet so its easy on the paint and there are coated metal buckles which also give your car extra protection. It also includes glass hatch hooks and bottle openers. They recommend this option as a great choice for hatchbacks, minivans and SUVs and it comes in a 2 or 3 bike capacity.  We agree!

The price point is $209. Another thing to note is how many choices they offer on their site for accessories – take a look! We added a TubeTop gizmo, which can help mounting onto a mast-style hitch rack. While our unit came with strong straps to hold your bikes, they sell them separately for only $10 if you want to add a few more.

Their stretchy rubber straps come in pairs and are durable and dependable, keeping your bike even more safe and secure.  Each strap has 8 holes which are ½” in diameter.

The other choice we thought was a great (and sturdy choice) was the KingJoe Pro 3, one of their other trunk fitted racks which requires no trailer or truck bed. The QuickTrigger II hub system makes installation fast, and the sleek design fits stably on a wide variety of vehicles. The StableCradles II hold your bikes firmly in place and folding arms let you store this away easily.


This is a slightly lighter option but it still includes premium oversized padded feet and coated metal buckles to protect your car. The arm design is narrow so it’s flexible enough to fit a wide variety of bike frames.

Like the QuickBack 3, the arms fold up, making it easy to store in the car when you’re on a ride or in your basement or garage when you’re back home. It’s also a great option for hatchbacks, minivans and SUVs and comes with integrated bottle openers and glass hatch hooks. It is available for either 2 or 3 bikes and is priced at $185.

Yakima is well established so you don’t need to worry about quality, longevity or service. They’ve been around for 30 years so have had plenty of time to learn how to make the best of the best secure racks for your gear.

They unit we tried is too heavy for international travel options but it makes a perfect choice for car travel, which is ideal in our case as we are planning to do some family travel write-ups this summer.

We give them a two thumbs up for design and style, protective coating and materials and sturdiness and would recommend giving their bike racks a try. If you’re uncertain which bike rack to choose based on your needs, they have a great “How Do I Choose” link on their bike rack page on the upper right.

Oh yeah, and I should mention that we love their team and philosophy as well. They’re outdoor enthusiasts and come at design and durability from their own experience in nature. Based on their personal experiences with adventure sports and cycling, they follow something they refer to as “Insight-Inspired Innovation.” I love it!

GO Yakima!

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