Meet ZUS, a Cool Vehicle Finder + Smart Car Charger Combo

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How cool is this? A vehicle finder and smart car charger wrapped into one product. We recently learned about ZUS (it sounds a bit like a super hero), a small black device that plugs into your car. The first cool thing about it is that can use it to charge two devices (phones or tablets) at the same time. Anthony and I are always fighting for the car charger juice on longer road trips — as soon as one of us is at 70%, the other one plugs in.

That’s no way to take a trip in the year 2016 — things should be simpler and faster. What’s nice is that not only does the ZUS have two plugs so we can charge our phones at the same time, but the charger works twice as fast as normal car chargers.

Part 2 of the cool feature set of the ZUS is that it is also a car finder, so you have some assistance when you’re tired after a long event and can’t remember where you parked your car in that massive parking lot where each section all looks the same.

Here’s how it works! Owners use an app which is available on both iOS and Android, to locate their car. With the ZUS’ Car Finder app, users can quickly find their car by checking the compass or mapping function to locate their vehicle. ZUS will guide them straight to their car.

We love that ZUS is portable and transferable from car-to-car, so if you are flying to a new city and renting an unfamiliar car, you can use ZUS to save time trying to locate that rental car that isn’t quite as familiar as your trusty car back home. The ZUS Car Finder application offers several additional features including: share-your-location, a map view alongside ZUS’ vehicle compass, and a parking timer. More details can be found here: 

Two thumbs up!!


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