Lisa Hoffman Products, Where Jewelry & Your Senses Meet

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We recently discovered the Lisa Hoffman product line, which is a lovely blend of perfume and jewelry and in some cases, both in the same product. For example, take their fun colored fragrance bracelets which come with a scent — yes, really.  It’s such a creative idea! They offer beautifully scented fragrance beads which are eco-friendly and made from pure perfume. Each piece of jewelry comes with refillable fragrance beads so you can easily refresh the scent in your charm. Fabulous!!

Each one comes with its own unique fragrance and color so there are plenty of options to choose from at a mere $65 each.


You can get separate Fragrance Beads inside the charm for your bracelets depending on what your preference is…and you can also get a fragrance for your earrings — talk about creative! I LOVE this concept.

I thought the idea was so unusual and creative that we got a few in to test out – fun and beautiful all while smelling great. I think the earrings make a great gift for young women and the necklaces are a godsend for any woman who loves a sophisticated look and is a fan of fragrance. They apparently use eco-friendly materials as well!

Their Fragrance Necklaces come in both silver and gold. Wearing this stunning number, you can experience a lush, tropical landscape with Brazilian Begonia’s sweet and fruity-floral scent. Brazilian Begonia has notes of lemon-lime, exotic begonia, amber musk, and warm vanilla – oh so lovely and elegant!

The Brazilian Begonia Fragrance Necklace features a beautiful, filigreed charm and delicate chain with twelve blue sodalite accent beads. The charm diffuses fragrance with every motion, making every movement a celebration of scent.  Measuring approximately 30 inches, the necklace is cast in a bright gold finish and is a great piece you can dress up or down.

I also love their Brazilian Begonia lotion and perfume series which has seven scents in all. Each bottle bears the distinctive emblem of its perfume and delivers a subtle burst of luxurious fragrance. Priced at a reasonable $65 a bottle, the scents are exquisite, from Eau de Parfum Sultry Fruity Blossom (pictured below),  Kerala Ashok Garden (Sacred Bloom) and Japanese Agarwood (Unique Woody Zest – my favorite) to Tuscan Fig and Madagascar Orchid (Modern Floral), to name a few.

What’s great for travelers is that she also offers the same fabulous seven scents in a travel size parfum for only $22 a bottle. For example, the Like India’s sacred gardens has the fragrant beauty of Kerala Ashok Garden which helps to nurture inner strength & balance. Lyrical notes of Deep Violet, Ripe Pear, Velvety Apricot & Sheer Jasmine perfectly harmonize with the Ashok flower’s spiritual essence while Musky Amber & Green-Floral Spice centers you with reflective calm. The packaging and colors are fabulous too!

Another option among the seven include the Tunisian Neroli, which exudes seductive glamour and feminine mystique. The rich-floral scent of Tunisian Neroli combines Ylang Ylang, Golden Amber, and Neroli Blossoms with Lemon and Buchu Leaf, creating a rich, sensual aura of opulence.

For lovers of perfume, I thought this list about SCENTS was fascinating from the Lisa Hoffman website, so much so that I wanted to include it here since it’s so relevant to her product line.

  • Scent is the closest sense linked to memory.
  • No two people will experience the same scent in the exact same way.
  • The average person is able to recognize over 10,000 scents.
  • Our sense of smell is responsible for 80% of what we taste.
  • After sight, smell is the most important of our five senses.
  • Tests show a 40% improvement in our mood when exposed to a pleasant fragrance.
  • Your nose can smell directionally. (Which way? That way!)
  • Everyone has their own unique odor identity or scent “fingerprint”.
  • A woman’s sense of smell is keener than a man’s.
  • Our sense of smell is at work even when we are sleeping.

Did you know all of these interesting factoids?

I also love the fact that the line was started by a woman.  Lisa Hoffman is an avid world-traveler, so she has gathered some of her insights from afar. Certainly a new approach to jewelry and perfume, as her bio says:  “Lisa’s approach frees women to enjoy fragrance in uncomplicated ways.” I couldn’t agree more.


Disclosure: they sent us products to sample and test out, however we were not asked to write a review nor told what to say. All opinions expressed here are my own.

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