Introducing Maria Shireen Bracelet & Hair Tie Combos

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Here’s a great beauty and fashion tip for women who want to look great while they’re in adventure mode. Introducing a cool hair tie and bracelet combined into one design by Maria Shireen. The models we tested out come in three finishes: silver, gold and rose gold. It’s essentially a hair tie bracelet in stainless steel with an ionized plated finish that you wear around your wrist until the tie is needed.

I must admit I was a bit confused about how they would work until they arrived. I originally thought the hair tie included the silver, gold and rose gold exterior however the metal is the bracelet that holds a traditional black hair tie — you wear this around your wrist so you “look stylin” until you need to use the tie in your hair. Despite my initial confusion over how to wear/use it, its clear value is for travelers who have too many pockets and bags and tend to lose small things at the bottom. How often have you had to fish through your purse or bag for a hair tie only to have to dump the entire bag out to find it? This solves that problem.

It fits wrists up to 6-6.75 in circumference and can accommodate both skinny and thick hair tie elastics. The bracelets come with a medium thickness black elastic band.   Want a slightlier glitzy look? Check out their Signature Trio pictured below. They also offer bright colors and the same silver, gold and rose gold options for teenagers as well.

Maria Shireen designs, produces and markets three collections of patented hair tie bracelets – b+sweet, bittersweet, and signature. This is for women who struggle with keeping track of where their hair ties were, and managing the discomfort, not to mention the unsightly look of those indentations on your wrists.

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