HumanCharger Aims to Keep Jet Leg Away!

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Isn’t it true that we tend to feel better when we spend time in a sunny environment. Sunshine gives us Vitamin D and C and boosts our energy levels, lifts our moods and helps us perform at our best. That said, we need to be careful about over exposure and make sure we’re always plastered with SPF.

When you travel between time zones, days and seasons, simply put — you just don’t get enough light. Introducing a cool new product we tested out recently called The HumanCharger, which gives you UV-free, blue-enriched white light when you need it most.

Historically, humans are designed to rise and fall with the sun but when we travel, we extend our days, live through our nights and gallivant across the globe. Our natural body clocks are at odds with modern routines. As a result, energy levels dim, moods flatten, and our minds have to fight through a fog.

Scientist and engineer Juuso Nissila and Antti Aunio launched Valkee Ltd to fight through the long, dark winters of their home in northern Finland. Inspired by our brain as the central ‘mood’ system and our body as the timekeeper, Human Charger – the world’s first bright light headset – brings light when needed most, regardless of time zone.

Human Charger Product Box
HumanCharger helps you be in sync all the time and helps you feel more energized.  Exposure to light helps maintain the rhythm of our natural body clock. HumanCharger uses effective light therapy that will have you feeling clear and bright on those long haul flights. The product reduces the need for excess sleep, and reduces food cravings associated with jet lag, tiredness and low energy levels.
So far, I’ve only tested it on two long haul flights, one redeye between California and New York and another redeye flight from New York to Prague. In both cases, I only slept a few hours on the flight, yet arrived feeling a little perkier than I typically do.  With a frame built from a single piece of aluminium, the device is hardwearing and they say, virtually indestructible. The rechargeable battery lasts for two weeks at a time.
The HumanCharger device features a sleek, small award-winning design with one-button functionality and comes in either silver or black.

The LED earbuds have been designed to be super comfy and fit snugly in a variety of ear shapes (your kit comes with a variety of shapes and sizes so you can adjust the earbuds accordingly).

Here’s how it works: 

Simply put the HumanCharger LED earbuds in your ears, push the power button and UV-free, blue-enriched white light starts flowing through the ear canals to the light-sensitive regions of the brain.

Next, push the power button and UV-free, blue-enriched white light starts flowing through the ear canals to the light-sensitive regions of the brain.

What we love about this product is how small and lightweight it is, making it a no brainer to bring on any trip, whether a long car trip or when flying overseas. Secondly, the charge lasts for a long time and the time commitment is very short. Apparently you only need to wear it for only 12 minutes a day, which they suggest is the ideal amount of light therapy to get fully charged. Two thumbs up!

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