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If you’ve ever been into a Sephora, you may have seen the HUM Vitamin and Supplement line on shelves. They take a personalized approach to supplements, starting with asking you to take a Hum quiz which helps you discover vitamins and supplements to help improve your skin, hair and body. After you take the quiz, you are assigned a personal Nutritionist who answers nutritional questions to help you better achieve your goals.  Their products are GMO and gluten free and they tout that they’re 100% natural.

They sell products for dry skin, anti-aging, blemishes, weight issues, detox and cleanse, hair health and overall body. This is how the process works:

Take a 3 Minute Quiz: this helps them create a personal vitamin and supplement profile.


Free Nutritionist Report: Your personal registered dietitian then reviews your data and sends you a personal profile and nutrient recommendation.


Based on that report, you can purchase the supplements that you’d like to try out. Here are some of the products we are putting to the test over the next couple of months.

The 21 Day Cleanse: It boasts digestive enzymes to help with weight control and runs for 21 days.

The regiment has the following ingredients to cleanse you from the inside out: organic Chlorella (detoxifying green algae), Bladderwrack Cleansing Kelp, Beetroot, Red Clover, which is a skin cleansing extract, Dandelion Root which is also very detoxifying, Oregon Grape, Milk Thistle (this is a great liver cleansing herb), Alpha Lipoic Acid, Zinc from Amino Acid Chelate, Selenium from L-Selenomethionine (pictured below), Protease 3.0, a Protein Catalyst, Neutral Bacterial Protease (a Protein Catalyst), Papain, Lipase, a fat busting enzyme, Amylase (a carb busting enzyme – YAY), Hemicellulase (a fiber busting enzyme), Beta-Glucanase and Phytase (also a fiber busting enzyme), Lactase (a milk sugar busting enzyme), Ginger (Rhizome), Peppermint (Leaf), Fennel and Bromelain (Pineapple Proteolytic Enzyme).

A note from their website about Digestive Enzyme Blends: The University of Michigan Health Center cites studies that link digestive enzymes with multiple health benefits. In a double-blind trial, a form of pancreatic enzymes was shown to significantly reduce gas, bloating, and fullness after a high-fat meal. A later preliminary study of people with indigestion reported significant improvement in almost all of those given pancreatic enzyme supplements. In a separate preliminary trial, supplemental hydrochloric acid and vitamin B complex improved some cases of acne rosacea in people with low stomach-acid production. Source: “Digestive Enzymes”. University of Michigan Health System. 
Peppermint: A Harvard Health Publication cites studies that link peppermint to easing symptoms of indigestion including irritable bowel syndrome, abdominal cramping and pain, bloating, constipation and diarrhea. Source: Robb-Nicholson, M.D., Celeste. “Health Benefits of Peppermint.” Health Beat. Harvard Health Publications. July 2007. Ginger: The University of Maryland Medical Health Center notes that today, health care professionals may recommend ginger to help prevent or treat nausea and vomiting from motion sickness, pregnancy, and cancer chemotherapy. It is also used to treat mild stomach upset, to reduce pain of osteoarthritis, and may even be used in heart disease. Source: “Ginger.” University of Maryland Medical Center.  
The names of their products are hilarious and bound to bring a smile.
Flatter Me: this supplement is meant to improve digestion. Touted as a comprehensive proprietary enzyme blend to support nutrient digestion, it is formulated to optimize protein, carb, fiber and fat breakdown and to help with nutrient absorption, relief from indigestion and bloating.
Big Chill: this is designed to help you with stress. Stress releases hormones that make us unhealthy, break out and age. Big Chill contains adaptogens that are apparently clinically researched for their ability to stop you reacting to stress, according to their literature.
Turn Back Time: This age-defying cell protection supplement helps you deal with free radicals. Ingredients include Turmeric (I’m personally a huge believer in Turmeric as it appears to be helping me with inflammation and aching muscles) and Green Tea Polyphenols to promote skin rejuvenation and cellular health.
Ripper Rooster: Ingredients in this supplement are meant to help you increase the ability to burn fat. It contains 7-Keto, a clinically researched (according to their materials) metabolite of DHEA that has apparently shown to be effective in reducing weight. It also has chromium and green tea support.
Arctic Repair: This supplement is supposed to help rejuvenate skin and reduce wrinkles. Hmmm. I’m not sure anything can really reduce wrinkles but I’m told that some supplements can help with the elasticity of skin. It has a unique balance of omegas to help increase skin hydration and includes lingonberry seed oil.

What else is cool about their site is that you can SEE and read about the nutritionists they have in their system, so you know their background, where they’re based and what their specialty is, if they have one. Have a look — it’s a very personalized approach.


The idea of HUM was born out of the founder Walter’s personal struggle with his skin and breakouts. Years of trying topical products and prescription drugs had literally left him scared emotionally and physically. Many of the drugs prescribed worked only on a temporary basis and the breakouts returned year after year. Walter always felt that there was a link between nutrition and his skin but research in the area was hard to come by, with the majority of dermatologists not trained in the field of nutrition. It was only after he met with one of London’s most forward thinking nutritionists that he was able to fix his skin once and for all.

The company started in London, then moved to New York and later to Northern California, where they met up with leaders in the field of nutrition to further discuss expand the idea of HUM. It was this team that helped them formulate their supplements by matching customers beauty & wellness goals with the latest in nutritional research and….it’s all done online.

More information can be found here:


Disclosure: we were sent a package of supplements to test out by HUM, however we were not asked to write a review or told what to say. I do not claim that these products will help you with any issue you have — I am not a doctor, a nutritionist, a nurse or practice in the medical profession at all so am merely writing this to make you aware that HUM exists. As always, you should talk to your doctor about anything that you take, whether it be a supplement or a cleanse product – be sure to discuss with your medical doctor before making any decision and do what’s best for you based on that medical advice.  

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