Belkin Arm Bands, A Great Option For Workouts On the Run

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As someone who is constantly on the go, whether’s traveling to a new destination or simply hiking up the hill near my house, I usually have music with me, which I carry on both my iPhone and a couple of different iPods. I recently discovered arm bands from Belkin, which caught my eye because of the fact that they come in bright fun colors.

The high-performance Slim-Fit iPhone Armband doesn’t just protect your phone while you’re exercising – it’s also incredibly comfortable to wear. They tout this product as a great option if you want an armband that is so secure in its fit that you forget you’re wearing it.

I love the fact that the Slim Fit (F8W362) comes in bright pink as well, does not have a detachable case and has a slightly slimmer profile than the Pro-Fit series. It also has a cord storage feature that helps position the cord to the length you want and keep it secure there. It is made for iPhone 5, iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c and is priced around $29.99.

The Pro-Fit Convertible (F8W017) has a detachable case that clips to the armband so you can remove it if you want to or have a need to and it also has a space for a key which is useful when you’re heading out of the house for a quick run. The price is around $29.99.

There’s also the Pro-Fit (F8W107), which is ideal for people who don’t want to take the time to readjust the fit each time you take it on and off, a unique feature to this model. The clasp/closure lets you easily put it on and off, which is a great option for the impatient among us.

We love their product line. Why? Perfect for travelers, their color choices are fun and creative and thirdly, they offer so many choices that you’re bound to find one that will be a fit for your “on-the-go” need!




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