Becoming Child-Like Again With a 1980s View-Master 3D Camera


Somehow, the frequent change of residence since childhood taught me to be a little… un-sentimental.  It taught me how to literally throw stuff, move on, and let go of things, especially since we ended up staying in small spaces.  Ergo, no storage space.  In the process, toys (that I find out are of great value now — grrr!) have been given away or thrown out.  This attitude and frame of mind is reflected in the way I keep house and wardrobe: minimal and down to the basics, with weekly clean-outs of receipts and random flyers, and  twice-a-year spring cleaning.

Recently, however, I thought to myself that I will find my way back to these toys that I’ve lost through years.  Not everything, but most notably my Fisher Price favorites, hopefully.

And I have begun my mission with a WONDERFUL hand-me-down from my good friend and classmate, whose daughter is off to college.  I simply CANNOT believe that I’ve got friends whose kids are university-bound!!! Anyway.  A few weeks ago,  she announced that she was holding a great garage sale in Manila.  I joked and said I’ll buy if she had a 3D View Master from the 80s.

Lo and behold, a part of my childhood was resurrected in a flash.  She really had a View Master in her pile!!! What a fun toy to have back in the house — brings back memories of the Muppet and Sesame Street images I used to look at via this 3D camera!

Cherie Altea Bitanga
Cherie Altea Bitanga finds herself constantly making food, talking about food and around people who know food. Her daily adventures go beyond her own kitchen in Singapore, spanning from the nondescript holes-in-the-wall to sumptuous dining adventures. She believes in the art of slow food and scours places in hopes of bringing home unique spices, salts and oils. She is also the occasional artist and food writer who learned how to cook early in life by inheriting culinary family traditions from her motherland: the Philippines.

For over a decade, this blogger's career as an ESL instructor provided a multicultural atmosphere working with diplomats, celebrities, nuns, priests, politicians as well as high school and college students from all over the world. When she grows up, she hopes to cook for a living to celebrate her family's culinary legacy.
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