The Charm of Paros Greece

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With all the fuss movies make about Santorini,  I discovered I loved Paros more.   It’s just as quaint but without the snaking tourist buses around the steep roads, and that palpable hectic party vibe.  Paros looks almost just the same but with a lively fishing trade at the port.

The surroundings are more relaxed, the air is cooler and the streets are made of marble (and stay marvelously cold even on a hot, sunny day!).  I honestly felt bad for the residents of Santorini because they actually had to put up signs saying that houses (which were constantly surrounded by travelers taking pictures of the homes all times of the day) actually had REAL PEOPLE living  in it (it’s a real house!) and request the throng of tourists with their massive cameras to not jump over the gate (who does that anyway???)

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