Newborn Impalas and Wildebeests in Africa’s Low Veld

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Post image for Impala and Wildebeest Babies

This is one of the best times of the year to be in the low veld… The lush green grass, the dry heat, late afternoon thunderstorms, and most of all the babies – Impala and Wildebeest newborns running around make for a magical season of joy and festivity. Here is a small collection of photographs taken during a drive a few days ago.



An impala lamb springs over a fallen log


Elegance in full flight


Little guys like this make Christmas in the bush a very special occasion


A newborn Wildebeest calf experimenting with the joys of movement


It’s truly amazing how something only a few days old can run so quickly


Turning this way and that…


…but never too far from the protection of mom


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