Ever Curious How Elephants PLAY and Have Fun?

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I have lately been writing a lot about the outrageously exciting lion dynamics. I may indeed be more of a ‘lion man’, but I certainly appreciate the numerous other wonders that take place with elephants.

The other day I witnessed one of the most sensational lighthearted events that only the African bush can create. In amidst the turmoil that the lion saga is creating, it is refreshing every once in a while, to just see sheer beauty in action.


The two elephant bulls splashing around in Maidies Dam – Adam Bannister

We were on the way back from a glorious afternoon game drive when we stumbled upon two elephant bulls playing around in a watering hole. It was pure magic to watch these whale-like figures bounce, swim, flop, run, splash and play in the cool water. Momentarily suspended in bliss.

Words and explanations are not needed to convey this moment that I was privileged to captured on film. I know that for many people it is the African Elephant which exudes power, strength and stability. It is also many people’s favourite animal. Enjoy the magic!

Written and filmed by Adam Bannister

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