Lion Warfare: Incredible Shots of Mapogo Lions

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Lion Warfare is so apparent at the moment that the still nights are punctuated by the continual sounds of lion roaring. A wondrous sound, guttural, deep and heart-felt. Deep into the night you can hear these giants as they attempt to sort out territorial disputes and differences.

There are currently six coalitions of lions that are running around, vocalizing and causing havoc. The four Southern Males, the two Kruger National Park Males, the three males being lead by Solo, the four Majingilane Males, the six Matimba Males and then the two Mapogo. With this much firepower in the area, someone is going to give. The general consensus is that it will be the two sole survivors of the aging Mapogo Coalition.

Just a few days ago the Mapogo Males showed us that they still had it in them to kill a very large buffalo. They fed on this for three days. We hope that this big feed will provide them with the reserves to forge ahead and try squeeze out a piece of land to make a living in this warzone.


Makhulu, the oldest of the Mapogo males maneuvering around his buffalo carcass.



Even at close on 14 years of age this male still possesses immense strength. He he is seen pulling the carcass.



Eyes that could tell a thousand tales.

I have never seen lion dynamics this choatic, yet exciting. The reality is that the Mapogo are being chased in all directions; being hit by force on all fronts. I hope it is not the case but these may just turn out to be some of the last images of the mighty old male of the Mapogo, known affectionately as Makhulu “The Big One”. As of yesterday we know that these two Mapogo Males were still alive as they have been feeding on a giraffe carcass in a near in-penetrable drainage line.

We will follow this story with intrigue and will keep you posted as stories and encounters arise.


A drink in the perfect late afternoon light.

Written, photographed and filmed by Adam Bannister

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