Death of the Breakaway Sparta Pride


Sparta Breakaway

We have recently received the news that the Breakaway Sparta Pride suffered a major blow. A few days ago, the body of the last youngster, the last remaining cub of the Mapogo dynasty, was found at the remains of a Rhino carcass. One has to feel for the 2 lionesses who have fought for close on a year to keep this little lion alive. In December 2010 the Breakaway Sparta (2 + 3) were attacked by the Majingilanes resulting in the death of 2 of the cubs. For the next 2 months the remaining 3 lions snuck their way through the thickets of southern Sparta trying to avoid any run ins with any males. The incident occurred in Singita and the rangers and trackers believe that the attack lay at the hands of the Southern Pride.

Although one cant help feeling sad for their loss this may actually be for the greater good of the Sparta Pride. The 2 females can now reunite with the core of the pride, from which they have been separated for over a year. During this time the 2 females have had to not only defend their cubs from numerous ambushes but also try and provide enough firepower to pull down prey. The core of the Sparta Pride has also had a difficult year as these 2 lionesses took with them a huge amount of experience and leadership. With the Majingilanes seemingly set on extending their land grab in a southerly direction the lion dynamics are still by no means concrete. We wait to see if the various members of the Sparta Pride will join up and what the moral in the camp will be like when this moment happens.

Adam Bannister
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