Belle and Pupi in California

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Clarence Clemons at Miss Italia USA - California

Another season another burst of Italianism in the San Francisco’s Bay Area. It must be the spring, or the fact that Italian-American are not longer ashamed of their ethnicity, after all Ethnic is so in now in the US, but the Miss Italia-USA California Pageant which was held in Sausalito was a roarin’ success. 12 contestant, an interesting Polaroid of how how ethnicity has evolved in the Golden State, took stage at the Gene Hiller Building were flanked by Samantha Ferro and Manuel De Peppe as hosts and entertained by Don Novello, the infamous Father Sarducci of then Saturday Night Live, and E Street’s saxophonist Clarence Clemons. Besides some inanities relating to the Mafia, certainly due to an inebriated state of mind of the lady who proffered them, the night was a swell, and here are the photos to prove it.

Miss Itlia USA - California

Don Novello


MissItaliaCalifornia_7-1 The winner and the runner-ups

Great success also for the Cuticchio Pupi’s Company. Coming form Palermo the Cuticchios, sons and daughters of art, from Marin to San Francisco to Stanford astonished the public and academics alike. I had a chance to see them at the symposium Mad Orlando’s Legacy at the Stanford University I cannot tell you the beauty of the show, the great acting abilities of the Cuticchios and the level of innovation they brought to the genera.

Here too some photos and a video.





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