3 Months of Tsalala Pride Cubs

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All 4 of the Tsalala Cubs are doing exceptionally well and are looking very healthy. For those who are still in the dark…the make up of the cubs is 3 girls and a single boy. Already from a very young age you can see that he is bigger than his sisters! The cubs are growing and as they grow in size so to do they grow in confidence. Take a look at how they have progressed over the last three months…

As we speak the 2 Lionesses, looking after these 4 precious cubs, are thriving. It’s rutting season at the moment; male Impala fighting and jostling for territory and females. This means that whilst testosterone levels are pumping in the Impala, their predator detection drops severely…the result is that the Tsalala Pride have not had to move more than 500 meters in the last week. They simply pick off the odd male Impala that strays too close.

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Cub peering over a termite mound by Adam Bannister

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