You'll Love Medellín's Charlee Hotel for its EcoFriendly & Hip Design


Medellín is one of Latin America’s most progressive and innovative cities so, of course, I wanted to be in the heart of the action. The Charlee Hotel definitely has an appealing location but just the icing on the cake. As a fairly low-key traveler, it was refreshing to find a hotel that had all my criterion for a perfect stay: central location, easy access to culture, eco-friendly and boutique in size. The Charlee blends into the city so well that I actually thought we had pulled up to posh restaurant when we first arrived. Surrounded by art galleries, quirky bars and luxe design studios, I was in my happy place for sure.

As if that wasn’t enough, I learned that the Charlee is both rooted in the arts and dedicated to eco-friendly initiatives. The hotel commissioned local street artists to paint murals in both the garage and in the stairwells so if you arrive sans car like I did, make sure to take the stairs! Considering how high-end the property is, I was pleasantly surprised how well graffiti and avant-garde art is integrated into the overall design. Pay close attention to the artwork on the various floors, too, as these exhibits feature both established and up-and-coming talent.

Medellin's Best Boutique Hotel

Okay, on to the rooms! As a 5-star boutique hotel, the real beauty is in the details. There are 42-rooms in total, all of which have private terraces (see above and below).Rooms are spacious, with sleek design accents and pops of vibrant color set against a classic white palette. If you’ve ever been to Medellín, you know that the parties are pretty epic so it can get loud at night. Personally, I didn’t find the noise to be an issue; on the contrary, I enjoyed sitting on my terrace with a glass of wine and feeling the energy of the city below. That said, come bedtime, make sure to slide the terrace door shut for some shut eye.

Going Eco-Friendly and Design Heavy in Medellín

I’m usually one to hit the ground running when I’m exploring a new city but I managed to strike a good balance at The Charlee. Breakfast (along with lunch and dinner) at Lucia Restaurant was always a treat…sometimes literally! And, since the hotel is right in the thick of Medellín’s hip fashion and arts scene, it was easy to spend an hour or two wandering and then take a breather back in my room. While I opted to dine at nearby restaurants, I also quite enjoyed Envy rooftop lounge (pictured below). Sure, drinks are steeper than what you’d find a few blocks away, but the views make it worth every peso. Oh, and you can go swimming!

Envy Rooftop Lounge

For the Charlee, Medellín is just the beginning. The company is not stopping there; instead, they’re getting (dare I say) a little ambitious in a big way. Currently slated for openings in the next few years are hotels in Cartagena, Galapagos Islands, Prado Tolima, Cali, Carpurganá, Barranquilla, Quito, the Amazon, Pearl Islands, Lima, Bogota and Alto de las Palmas. Having experienced the Charlee once, I have no doubt that these properties will be equally as stunning as the flagship hotel in Medellín.

Speaking of new openings, our group had the chance to visit the soon-to-open Guatapé, aka Pueblo de Zócalos. It’s about a two-hour drive from Medellín (slightly less coming from the airport) and yet it feels worlds away from the bustling city center. I arrived at night so I didn’t get the full impression until the next morning, when I literally woke to floor to ceiling walls that overlooked the Antioquia’s green hills and fresh water lakes. Right now, only the guest houses are in working order but the hotel rooms are well on their way.

Here’s the skinny. The Charlee Guatapé (opening summer 2016) will boast 116 rooms, tqo tennis courts, one multifunctional convention hall, a spa, gym, and pool. Praia restaurant and beach club will anchor the property’s social offerings along with a pier and a unique aquatic center. Pictured below is a preview of what is to come. Similar to the Charlee’s Medellín location, the highlight of the property will be the surrounding nature, with dining options, the gym and other amenities featuring views of the lake and distant mountains.

The Charlee Guatapé

Curious about Guatapé? You should be! In all honesty, I knew nothing about the countryside outside of Medellín but now that I’ve seen the adorable town of Guatapé, I’ll never forget this Colombian gem. While our stay here was short, we made the most of the time we did have. I definitely recommend a trip to El Peñon de Guatapé, a 650 foot high rock with over 600 stairs that can be scaled to the top. It looks daunting from the bottom but there’s no rush to reach the top. In fact, it took me a good 30 minutes because I was taking so many photos.

We also took a boat tour of the Viejo Peñol, a town which was submerged by the creation of a reservoir. I suppose this is “old news” for local Colombians but I found this fascinating. Blame it on my wild imagination and my love of make-believe, but I started day-dreaming about scuba-diving below and uncovering an ancient city. Of course, I’d need to get scuba certified first.

Megan McDonough
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