Japan Photos from a Leica M9 Lens

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Temple in NakameguroTemple in NakameguroTemple in NakameguroTemple in NakameguroMeguro Volunteer Corps Tokyo

June 1st… the station is getting sticky.   August without air conditioning due to the power savings is going to be interesting.   Japan implemented ‘cool biz’ as a way to save power there is a lot in the press right now figuring out how to deal with the office temperatures this summer.   Japan needs to reduce power consumption 15% to avoid black outs due to the crippled nuclear reactors.    Part of the plan is keep offices at 28 degrees celsius (82 degrees fahrenheit).

Crowded Shibuya StationCrowded Shibuya StationCrowded Shibuya Station

Making use of space for parking…

Parking in Tokyo


Denny's in Shinjuku

A great thing about construction in Japan is these giant tents around the sites to reduce dust…

Giant construction tent

Blue people on motorcycles steal your purpose…

Tokyo purse snatchingTokyo Signs


Izakaya in Shinjuku


Lawson in Shijuku


InTrain in ShinjukShinjuku Train Lines

Cafe Lolita…

Cafe Lolita in Shinjuku

Cool American toys…

Bandit Selected Toys in Yoyogi

Yoyogi Station…

Yoyogi StationYamanote Line

Train manners… I love these signs. This one is excellent…

Train Manners

I tried a new bread shop in Ebisu Station…

Le Pain Au Natural Moisan

Japanese Word of the Day:  せつでん setsuden – conservation of electricity, brownout

example: いま、日本ではみんながせつでんしています。

Everyone is conserving power in Japan now.

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