SurajKund’s Mela Exudes Lots of Vibrant Colors



The Mela is being held at SurajKund every year from 1 Feb to 15 Feb. This was my first visit and it seemed to me a quadruple version of Dilli Haat.
This year the theme state is Assam. The big and arid ground was well decorated with eye catching vibrant colours.
I felt Mr. Ravana was searching for his 10th head.
Designer Photo frames from SriLanka. SAARC nations had put up stalls with beautiful artifacts. For me,  I picked up a dupatta  from the Afghani stall.
An artisan from Uttar Pradesh  fine tuning his craft. The fair had handicraft presenters from all over India and its neighbors. 


Something spooky is definitely there in this pic. I tried 17 times to post it properly but Blogger is rotating the image itself. This stall from Kyrgyzstan was the cutest one.  

Sweta Mukherjee
Hibiscus Lover. Failed Delhite. Impatient Reader. Novice Cook. Could-Be Photographer. Traveler. Incorrigible Shopper. Married To A Friend.
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