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India: There and Back Again

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A creeper flourishing its niche onto the sand . Digha, March,2012A maize farmland on outskirts of the Meerut city. On our way to Haridwar,January2012Spotted this black Nightingale on a broken frame from the hotel room.Digha, March,2012...
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Ancient Ruins of Nalanda

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Walking through the premises of Nalanda made me recollect my history classes. According to Xuanzang's manuscript only 90% of it  has been excavated.Its library was set on fire by the army of  a Turk invader , which took 6 months...
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The Allure of Shimla

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After being chased by a chain of porters and touts, stopped near a bench, loosened our backpacks; in Calm, in This....The town Shimla from its ridge.  Saptami evening at Shimla's Kali Bari. Shimla is incomplete without this marvel, sheathed...
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Nonchalant Moments Spent in India

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 My first experience with a digital camera. (In pic) Baba and Mithua. Heritage Train, Shimla,2007.At the Retreat ceremony, thousand hearts and an unanimous voice 'Vande Mataram'. Attari, Punjab,2011. A family resting beside serene Bapsa at Chitkool. A...
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A Glorious Sunset at India Gate

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 A chilly crowded Sunday dusk.........And the wow moment hit with the twilight.Glimmering glimpse of  Rashtrapati Bhawan (Presidential House). Finally, the sun disappeared as I captured this valedictory moment.29th January 2012, India Gate , Delhi....
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