Ancient Ruins of Nalanda

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Walking through the premises of Nalanda made me recollect my history classes. According to Xuanzang’s manuscript only 90% of it  has been excavated.
Its library was set on fire by the army of  a Turk invader , which took 6 months to extinguish.The vehement scars can be seen on the walls. This is a room  for students then. 


‘The bow’ on the floor remarks presence of the Gupta Dynasty during 7th Century. It took year after year for many students across the World to reach this pilgrimage, which later in12th century got ransacked by Bakhtiyar Khilji.


A monk zooming out his lenses, trying to focus on those undiscovered stretches. (Image courtesy –  Tanmay Mukherjee)


Sariputta Stupa, sheathed by foggy winter. Out of so many viharas, temples and stupas, I could remember only this stupa by name; reason being the image is synonyms to Nalanda everywhere.

December 2011, Nalanda District, Bihar


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