5 Books on Shamanism: What You Need to Know

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I’ve always been fascinated by Shamanism although it always felt somewhat distant to me growing up, largely because it wasn’t something that locals did or knew much about in my small American town in the Northeast.  If you’re curious about Shamanism and either want to learn more for self-awareness and knowledge or how to dive deeper and get skilled in some aspects of Shaman practices, read on.


Below are 5 powerful books on Shamanism that will get you started.

Neolithic Shamanism

This great read by Raven Kaldera and Galina Krasskova educates you about the world of Spirits, how to tap into their power in the human plane and work with them in powerful ways. Shamanism is built on indigenous traditions that stem back thousands of years.

You’ll learn in this guide how to work with the Sun, Moon, Plants, Animals, Water, Fire, Craft and Air, essentially the elemental spirits and of course Ancestors.

While you may not want to go so far as to try to find out where to buy Mugwort or built an elaborate ancestral altar, there are simpler rituals you can do to work with Spirits from the ancient world.

One of the things I love most about this practice is the sacred respect it gives to our Earth and the environment — that everything has value and purpose and is interconnected.

Working with plant and animal spirits for example, can help you better understand where your food (and clothing, paper, furniture and everything around you) comes from. And, you’ll discover how working with the tides of the sun and moon will change how you look at how those tides can impact your mood and activities in your life.

There are also 83 different exercises to do to increase your awareness and knowledge. You can find this book over on Amazon.

Follow the Shaman’s Call

This ancient path for modern lives read by Mike Williams, Ph.D. offers lots of insights and wisdom about the world of Shamanism. It’s written almost as an experiential guide with tips and tricks on how to begin a life of a Shaman. He actually includes hands-on exercises as well as stories and tales from shamans who have studied and implemented this gift for thousands of years.

ShamanismMike refers to it as the “unseen world,” and those of you who have worked with Spirit know that this is indeed the case.

That said, this “unseen world” can be a powerful one and through exploring this ancient wisdom, you can learn how to clear unwanted clutter and negative energy from your life.

I only learned what my power animal was about a year ago and truth be told, that discovery is more than just intriguing.

Somehow, you find that you relate and resonate on a visceral level that you can’t even understand. He teaches you also how to connect with your spirit guides, your own power animal and how to connect to Spirit in a way that will help elevate you into a higher wisdom and consciousness.

This powerful process and journey can be healing and self-empowering to say the least. Ultimately it’s all about harmony for you and the environment, as well as I’d argue, for the world at large. This inspiring read is available over on Amazon.

The Goddess and the Shaman

This book by J.A. Kent, Ph.D. takes you behind the scenes of the Art and Science of Magical Healing. Shamanism is at the core of course, pointing to the magical properties such a practice delivers over time.

From spirits that may be unhealthy for you to cords and connections that keep you out of alignment, stuff comes up in our lives. He teaches you how the ritual practice of Shamanism can be used to foster spiritual and psychological growth.

Based out of Sydney, J.A. is a natural psychic with training in naturopathic medicine, which means that you get a taste of both the western and ancient traditions of healing.

There are chapters that address the Rituals as well as the Transforming Power of Rituals (Entering the Elphame).

She also dives into animals and spirit guides as well as the great Goddess and the power behind her, which is one of the things that sets her book apart from the others.

In addition to a historical look at Shamanism, she explains how modern shamans practice and how everything fits together. This informative read is on Amazon in paperbook.

The Book of Shamanic Healing

This read on Shamanic Healing by Kristin Madden includes not just the basics and understanding of Shamanism but also techniques for breathing, dream work, drumming and soul retrieval.

Unlike the other books listed here on Shamanism, the main focus is on healing including practical tips for how to use this ancient practice to unlock physical and mental blockages in your life.

This book albeit not a thick book, is comprehensive when it comes to the essence of what you need to know about Shamanic Healing.

You’ll learn how to create sacred space and healing ceremonies, partner with your drum to create healing (we plan to review drums in our Spiritual Products section, so stay tuned), develop your shamanic and psychic abilities, free your voice and seek your power song (this is very empowering btw), and explore your spirit animal.

Also covered in this book is how to communicate quickly and easily with spirit guides and perform soul retrievals and extractions safely.

The book explores your shadow side so you can learn more about those undercurrents, and how you can use dreams, stones, crystals, and colors in healing work. Be sure to read our other articles on dreaming: a lucid dreaming workshop we took recently in the SF Bay Area and this great book on Dreams from Kala Ambrose we reviewed: The Awakened Dreamer

Since Shamanism at its core is all about human/earth balance and connecting to the Universe to not just live in balance but heal through balance, you’ll also learn how to reconnect with your Soul. You can find this practical read on Amazon.

Shamanism For Beginners

If you want the basics of Shamanism, this comprehensive but short guide by James Endredy offers some practical information as well as tips and facts. You’ll learn how to walk with the World’s Healers of Earth and Sky. Remember, it’s all about the elements and understanding them and how they play into your daily life.

Shamanism has a great history although Christianity buried its meaning and value over a thousand years ago. The truth is however is that Shamanism is an ancient spiritual tradition that served a vital role in indigenous cultures for more than 40,000 years.  Yes, really.

Arizona-based Endredy asserts that the timeless wisdom of the shaman holds relevance for modern day challenges.

You’ll learn in this book some of the tools, rituals and beliefs that are common to most traditions as well as how shamans are initiated (it’s such a cool section) as well as their connection to power animals, ancestors and others in the Spirit World.

James cites stories and wisdom from other great shamans in history, including Mircea Eliade, Michael Harner, Holger Kalweit and others. You can find this quick read over on Amazon.

Be sure to check out our Spiritual Health section as well as Spiritual Voices. We also have an entire section dedicated to Spiritual Reads as well as an overall section on Spirituality which covers it all.

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