Fun, Funky & Chic Reading Glasses in Multiple Colors

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I’m surprised by how many people now need reading glasses earlier in their lives and I can’t help but wonder if its because we all spend far too much time in front of a computer monitor. It was fun to discover and get the opportunity to review some of the oh so creative designs from 

We love the wide range of options they have to choose from for both men and women and most of the glasses offer a few color variations for each model. And, they don’t just do reading glasses but this is what we started with, so let’s take a look at their latest.

Reading Glasses by Readers

For men, we really loved The Lennon reading glasses, which was inspired by the late, great Beatles musician who made round glasses a pop culture phenomenon. The Lennon’s full framed style has a lightweight plastic frame with a retro inspired, round shape and is available in a variety of solid or two-tone fade colors.

Readers reading glasses


The Armand is among the more sportier reading glasses. Also plastic, these rectangular frames offer fully magnified lenses and camo printed detailing on the inside temples. And, like so many of the others, are available in a few different color options.

Readers reading glasses

Another great sporty looking offering are The Beasley reading glasses which feature rubberized details for a sleek aesthetic and include fully magnified lenses.

Readers reading glasses

These are just a few options to give you an idea of the range. One of the things we love about Readers is that they offer customers so many ways to choose, from understanding your fit (see below) to the size of the lenses and beyond.

Readers reading glasses

Their women’s reading glasses are also a boat loada fun. While there is no shortage of great color options for men, the creativity in their women’s line is through the roof.

I often find so many of the frames I see at eyeglass stores boring, but Readers knows how to bring reading glasses, sunglasses, bi-focals and more, to life. From paisley, deep bold reds and pinks to sophisticated purple and elegant greens and blues, they’ve got you covered. A few of the women’s offerings below to give you an idea of your choices.


If you already know what size and style frame you like, you can filter it by size (full and half frame, rimless, semi-rimless, bifocal, folding and pocket readers, etc). You can also filter the choices you see by shape: see below for some of the options. My favorites are the Oval and super fun Cat Eye.

Readers reading glasses

If you use reading glasses, Indiana-based Readers is a great choice because you can buy them online, making it easy and quick to buy.  Their team personally hand-picks over 600 unique styles of readers with up to 14 power options, and powers hard-to-find at other stores. You’ll never find this breadth of a collection and design range in stores.

They even have something they refer to as a Customer Happiness Team (it made me think of Zappos) who goes through extensive training on all of their products so they understand the technical specs and more. One of their slogans is that they eat, sleep, and breathe eyewear.

You can save money on shipping with free shipping on all orders over $30 and believe it or not, they also offer same-day shipping on all orders received by a certain time.  As mentioned above, you can choose reading glasses made for your face shape and learn what your style is as well.

Readers also donates thousands of reading glasses to under-served communities in the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, and Ecuador, as a commitment to making a global impact and helping people around the world.

Check out Readers for more information, including all the available options they have for both men and women. Also head on over to our Style and Fashion section as well as our Lifestyle products section for more fun ideas.


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