Photography In and Around Tokyo


One thing I love about Japanese construction sites is how they wash the street out front to keep the dirty from spreading…

Construction Site

I went headphone shopping to try to replace my broken ones…

Head Phones at YodobashiHead Phones at Yodobashi

I have so many points at Yodobashi but they don’t have the ones I want…

Head Phones at Yodobashi

Funny StickerYamanote Line

After work I headed to Hiroo to visit my Chiropractor… I just don’t think I will get use to the sensation of being ‘adjusted’… hold on hold on hold on….’click’

Hiroo Station


DeliverySteamy work place

Picked up my headphones…

Bang & Olufsen Tokyo



No I didn’t eat here but I did stop to try to pick up a T-Shirt for Mayumi as a joke.   They had XXS and XL… pretty easy to gauge the target market.

Hooters TokyoGauges

Dave Powell
Dave Powell is a photographer based in Tokyo, Japan who shoots with a Leica M9. He is the publisher of ShootTokyo, a friendly daily photography blog which he calls a "labor of love." You can follow him on Twitter @ShootTokyo and visit his photo blog site at http://www.
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