Philippines, A Godsend for Adventure Travelers: 5 Reasons Why!

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Philippines, known for its archipelagic state, has too much in store that travelers seeking for adventure can find a lot of other interesting places apart from just being in the bustling streets of a congested Manila.

Traveling here can be the definition of “so many things, so little time.” Let me just name a few of the must tries for the brave-hearted and sports enthusiast travelers.

1) Diving

The good number of pristine beaches from North to South of the country signifies travelers’ myriad of options for a diving place. My first diving experience in Anilao, Batangas City in the south of Luzon, gave me a better perspective of their rich marine life — spanning from corals and diverse fishes. To add more thrill, you can also experience diving with the whale sharks in Camiguin or Cebu. The world-class Boracay and Palawan are top picks too, but can be crowded during peak months (March to May).

2) Rappelling

The landscape and rock formations in the country permits rappellers to flock to the different provinces, find the perfect spot and just rappel. Most of the great rappelling spots can be found in the Visayan region, one of the major islands in the country that just makes you closer to nature — it is serene, and showered with greeneries and water falls that are coupled with rock formations that just works best for rappellers.

3) Trekking

In some ways, rappelling and trekking, as you know, may go hand in hand. You have to climb a bit before you hand that rope and climb down. But if you’re also looking for some serious trekking, opt for one of the country’s Unesco world heritage site, the rice terraces of the Northern Luzon; or go to the country’s down South where you’ll find Mt. Apo, the Philippines’ highest peak.

4) Sea Kayaking

Dominance of water activities in the country is no wonder. Locals are just lovers of water activities, and this too have attracted tourists far and wide.  Not so extreme, but a fun activity to try is sea kayaking. For those who haven’t tried yet, kayaking plus the waves will surely be a challenge to your muscles. looks easy but not totally for the faint ones. Have tried this myself in one of the islands in the down south of Davao. No need to search elsewhere because surely any of the resorts offer this.

5) Zip-lining

One zip line experience will always differ from another. Locals believe this too; as zip liners who ask for more usually jump from one zip line area to another. There are actually a lot of zip line spots from the Northern area (a few hours away from Manila) down to the South. The longest zip can actually be found in the South’s center, Davao where it spans 700 meters long and 300 feet high, which makes you hand in the wire above the trees for a bit more than 5 minutes.

There’s a whole lot more to experience in the Philippines. But if making the most out of the travel in the country becomes a dilemma, you can opt to visit a place that gives you all these experiences.  Summer in the country can be really hot and humid, for best weather and for you to enjoy all of these without too much crowd, it is most advisable to book flights anytime between January to May.

This is a guest post from Phoebe Magdirila. 

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