Stylish All The Way With Musse & Cloud Shoes

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Meet Musse & Cloud, a new brand of shoes we recently discovered which are designed in Spain.  The founder says she has always been attracted to the generation of dreamers who changed the lifestyle of many people in the 1960’s….you know, the Beat generation.

From that place and inspiration is how the branding and vision around Musse & Cloud happened. The Company draws inspiration from that halo of dreams, mystery, restlessness and nonconformity of those heroes who one day believed they could change the world… and did.

I personally fell in love with the style, designs and attention to detail, something which they take great pride in. For example, this fabulous shoe they call the Ciaran is available in several different finishes, from a smoother leather to a more textured one. Below, the Ciaran is shown in a textured leather black, our favorite so far.

Below, the Ciaran in a smooth tan leather, although other color options are also available. We love that there’s such a short heal, which is a godsend for avid travelers.

The leather is super soft and oh so comfortable, that we could resist getting two pairs in to test out. The oh so soft as butter leather Ciaran comes in black, cue, salmon, silver and white.

We were thrilled when we had an opportunity to review the brand, as its a new one for us. And, truth be told, I’ve never been disappointed with shoes designed and made in Spain.

The founder apparently travels quite a bit and gathers inspiration from around the world, which is then put to pencil-drawn sketches. Those sketches turn into the great designs that you see on the Musse & Cloud website.

We’re also a fan of this great bootie they call Athena — I LOVE the blue.

This fabulous style offers a heal but not a massive one: 1.5 inches, which is definitely doable for those touring days. The Athena also comes in black, brown, dark brown, moss and silver.

There are so many vegan leather offerings coming out now that its becoming harder and harder to find an all leather shoe or boot. Their shoes are all leather and are as comfortable and well-designed as they look.

Two thumbs up for this gem of a find in Europe although they have a U.S. presence as well. Check out their website for more models, styles and availability as well as a list of where you can find stores near you.

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