Losang’s Litang: A Great Tibetan Site


We recently had a comment from Losang about a post on Litang. He he has lived in Tibet for eight  years and knows all corners. If our posts gave you a taste of  Tibet, Losang ’s site offers  a feast. I’ve linked to just his Litang post, but you can follow other links to the rest of his site. http://kekexili.typepad.com/life_on_the_tibetan_plate/2010/09/litang.html

Litang Tibet

Claire Rogers
Claire Rogers writes on cross-cultural adventure drawn from her travels across the Silk Road from Beijing to Istanbul, around Australia and of course, through Iceland--all by bike.

She's currently traveling by tandem with her husband Bob, through southwest China, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. Check out NewBohemians.net for more information on their travels.
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