A Visual Walk Through Gdansk Poland


Here’s a quick visual capture of our trip to Gdansk Poland.

Take a look at the architecture in Old Town.

Old Town Panorama

A lot of Soviet apartment blocks, refurbished. Still look Soviet to me, but practical to modernize them. The Soviets used lots of concrete well protected here. In Georgia we found them crumbling.

Better than a selfie!

Half the city was at the beach! The other half were on the metro with us. May have where we got sick; not Covid.

Found a one day bike and hot to a quiet beach

Claire Rogers
Claire Rogers writes on cross-cultural adventure drawn from her travels across the Silk Road from Beijing to Istanbul, around Australia and of course, through Iceland--all by bike.

She's currently traveling by tandem with her husband Bob, through southwest China, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. Check out NewBohemians.net for more information on their travels.
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