Hail and Thunder in South Dakota’s Badlands

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We boondocked on a high ridge overlooking Badlands National Park in South Dakota.  Fabulous 360 degree views of badlands cliffs, prairie grasses, sounds of larks and a gentle cooling breeze. Until. Soon after sunset the sudden layered clouds lit up with sheet lightening covering 180 degrees of our view, and the radio screaming thunderstorm warnings with 70-mile-per-hour mile per hour gusts and tennis ball! Hail.

Despite some rockin’ and rollin’ and havy rain, and at least once to head Turtle into the wind, we survived a South Dakota storm for the second time. (Tornado story elsewhere on newbohemians)

The late, after midnight, bedtime and newly chip sealed  Badlands NP roads nixed the bike ride we’d planned, and suggested a 4.75 mile loop hike. Beautiful. Its much better to get out of your vehicle, or even a bike and dive into the sounds, smells and strange but gentle beauty of the prairie.

Where is Claire!



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