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We were recently sent some coral mineral supplements to check out from Coral LLC, who is one of the largest importer/suppliers of Caribbean above-sea coral in the United States and the world. They apparently supply coral minerals to more than 30 countries worldwide.

I was particularly curious about Coral CellEnergy H2, which is a new supplement that contains high-dose active Molecular Hydrogen (H2) plus 74 bio-available coral minerals. As the capsule reacts, millions of tiny hydrogen bubbles infuse and saturate the body’s cells.

Molecular Hydrogen (H2) generates an electron- rich potential (-ORP). This rare property is found in fresh, raw living foods and juices, mother’s milk and many of the world’s healing waters.

What is Molecular Hydrogen you ask?

We were curious too. Two atoms combine to form Molecular Hydrogen (H2), the smallest and most mobile molecule in existence. Because hydrogen is so small, it can penetrate deep into the cells to eliminate free radicals at their source, in the mitochondria.

Also, due to its size, hydrogen can easily cross the blood brain barrier to eliminate free radicals in the brain. I just started using it and no doubt, like other supplements, more time is needed to assess positive, negative or neutral results.

I’m a huge fan of the properties of anything to help with helping your overall immunity, anti-aging, and joint pain, as well as Cinnamon, which apparently dates back 4,000 years.

Coral minerals have been used for thousands of years as dietary supplements for trace and macro minerals as coral contains essential bio-available calcium — plus 73 other essential minerals.

Coral Cal Mag combines Calcium and Magnesium in a 2:1 Ratio. These two minerals promote strong healthy bones, are associated with a well-functioning nervous system and are involved in muscle contractions, including healthy heartbeats. 

Vitamin D3 has been added to this supplement aid Calcium absorption. Besides calcium and magnesium, Cal-Mag Coral Complex also delivers more than 70 trace mineral which are good to body functions.

Coral Complex not only has Bio-Available Coral Calcium but also Vitamin D3 as cholecalceriferol in each capsule.

So many women tell me that their Vitamin D is low after getting blood work done at the doc’s. Vitamin D3 is also referred to as the sunshine vitamin, and is necessary to charge the receptors in the small intestine that are instrumental in the uptake of calcium.

Their Coral Joint & Collagen supplement includes BioCell Collagen and Glucosamine HCI with Vitamins K1 & K2 to support joint flexibility. 

Coral Joint & Collagen combines BioCell Collagen, Glucosamine HCI, Chondroitin, MSM and a host of other important vitamins and minerals to target specific functions related to healthy movement.

These veggie capsules offer 400 mg of BioCell Collagen, a clinically-tested dietary ingredient that may help promote active joints and healthy connective tissues, and Glucosamine HCI, a key building block of cartilage—the “cushion” that surrounds the joints. Coral Joint & Collagen also adds vitamins K1 and K2, which is meant to be good for arteries and bones, and Coral’s proprietary blend of 74 bio-available coral minerals.

They also have a tea tree toothpaste which has hydrogen peroxide to help whiten your teeth. The flavor is a combo of Tea Tree Flavor Oil, Cinnamon Bark Oil and Clove Flower Oil (yum!). There’s no fluoride or sodium lauryl sulfate.  

What sets Coral LLC apart from the others? According to the Company, their value-adds include:

  • Their coral is all-natural from the Caribbean
  • They only use environmentally-friendly harvesting practices
  • Their supplements are affordable and clearly labeled
  • They only use above-sea EcoSafe coral minerals, which are not subjected to underwater or industrial pollution

More information can be found at https://coralcalcium.com.


Disclosure: we received product to test out however were not told what to write or how to write it. Descriptions of the products themselves come from the Company; these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. As always seek medical advice from your practitioners before trying any products.

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