Chicken with Ume and Shiso Rolls

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I was recently taking a look at a Chicken Cordon Bleu recipe and I wondered how I could make a Japanese version of a rolled chicken. This left me perplexed until I came across a recipe on a Japanese cooking website titled “Tosuta de torimune ume shiso mushi roll.” Translated: “Steamed Ume Shiso Chicken breast roll with a Toaster.” I altered it slightly by omitting green onions and I used an oven instead of a toaster oven. I think it turned out pretty good and it was easy. I’d give it a 2 on a difficulty scale of 1-5.

The other thing I like about this dish is that chicken rolls are pretty and they make for a great presentation. Surprisingly it also helps with portion control. These days it seems like eating is all about portion control. Somehow I feel content eating 2-3 slices, which ends up being only half a chicken breast. Whereas if I ate a flat chicken breast, I could easily eat the whole thing and probably still want more. Maybe it’s so pretty that I’m eating with my eyes first. I have no idea but it works.

If you’re not so sure how you feel about umeboshi, try this dish because the chicken tones down the sourness and it goes really well with rice. The leftovers are also great for bento okazu (side dish).

Ingredients (4 Servings)
2 Chicken breasts
2 tablespoons of mayonnaise (1 tbsp for each breast)
12 (approx.) shiso leaves (6 for each breast) depending on the size of the shiso leaves and the size of your chicken breast.
2-4 large umeboshi (1-2 for each breast)
2 teaspoons of sake (1 for each breast)

Salt and pepper for seasoning

1) Butterfly the chicken breast and leave it once piece.
2) Lay plastic wrap over the chicken and use the flat end of a meat tenderizer or the surikogi (wooden pestle) to flatten out the chicken so that it’s 1/4 inch thick.
3) Season both sides with salt and coarsely ground black pepper.
4) Brush the mayonnaise on the inside of the breast.
5) Cover it with shiso leaves.
6) Remove the umeboshi seed and cut it in strips. Lay it in a line along one of the short ends of the chicken.
7) Roll up the chicken, starting at from the umeboshi side.
8) Sprinkle the sake on top and let it rest for a few minutes.
9) Grease a pan with olive oil and lay the chicken inside.
10) Over with foil and put in a preheated oven at 350 F for 25 minutes.
11) Take out of the oven and leave covered for 15 minutes.
12) Slice and serve with bottled ponzu or mix 2 parts soy sauce with 1 part vinegar and eat with rice.

Butterfly the chicken breast and don’t do it like this. Lay it flat and cut across. I blame myself for this photo.
Chicken ume shiso-cut chicken in half

Lay plastic wrap over the chicken and use the flat end of a meat tenderizer or a rolling pin to thin it out to about 1/4 inch thick.
Chicken ume shiso-lay plastic over chicken

After pounding it out, season with salt and pepper. (Coarse ground pepper is better)
Chicken ume shiso-pound chicken with tenderizer and season

Brush mayonnaise on the inside that you sliced with the knife.
Chicken ume shiso-brush mayo on top

Lay the shiso on top.
Chicken ume shiso-lay shiso on top

Remove the seed and cut the umeboshi into strips.
Chicken ume shiso-remove ume seed and cut into strips

Line the umeboshi along one side end of the chicken.
Chicken ume shiso-line umeboshi along one end

Start rolling from the umeboshi side.
Chicken ume shiso-Roll the chicken from the ume side

Sprinkle the top with sake.
Chicken ume shiso-sprinkle with sake

Lay in a pan greased with olive oil or cooking spray.
Chicken ume shiso-lay in a pan with olive oil or cooking spray

Cover with foil and put in oven for 25 minutes.
Chicken ume shiso-In the oven

Slice it and serve with ponzu (vinegary soy sauce)
Chicken ume shiso-Slice and serve with Ponzu

Serve with Tomato, Fresh Mozzarella Cheese and Shiso SaladDaikon and Age Miso Soup and Rice.

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