A Sunset Memory of India's Goa by the Sea

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It was March 2011; my five year law course was coming to an epic end. My buddies had become more emotional of each other now as soon we all would take off in our lives. The overflowing emotions paved the way for one last trip to a destination which was for long in everybody’s mind – Goa and this time there were minimal obstacles.

For me, this trip was the first encounter with the deep blue sea which occupies 70% of earth. My memories were filled with films featuring the stunning sunset poses at the beaches and now it was my time to experience all of it in reality. I waited anxiously for the entire day and reached Vagator beach (one of the perfect sunset spot in Goa) well in time to feed my anxiety. As I reached closer to the beach, the swirling sound of the wind and mighty ocean continued breach my ear dreams and it accelerated the heartbeat.

Finally, the moment arrived – there was nothing between me and the blue sea. The blue sea appeared much superior to my virtual memories and expectations. The frothy sea water kissed my naked feet and went back the next moment. It simply felt awesome to be there at that moment.

Soon, the sky gloomed with the tender orange colour signalling the departure of sun for the day. The entire sky transformed into an orange canvas with sun in the middle. The descending sun’s image was paralleled on the rippling oceanic waves. Almost every soul (including me) on the beach rested themselves on the grainy sand and gazed endlessly at the horizon to capture the moment in their heart forever. Slowly and gradually, the sun sinks behind the perpetual ocean only to rise again the next day leaving the once orange sky dark glittering with stars.


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