5 Things to See & Do in Dubai

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I have toyed with Dubai and the United Arab Emirates a bunch of times on my journeys. We used Dubai as a handy stop over between Iran and Iraq.

backpacking dubai swimming pool

1. Dubai Creek

Dubai Creek is the old town part of Dubai. Proof that this sprawling skyscraping metropolis was once an insignificant port town (or perhaps significant – check the history). Walk along the promenade at Dubai Creek admiring the vintage boats that dart across the harbour. There’s also a museum, a cool market and some awesome restaurants.

Checking out the markets down by Dubai Creek, UAE.

2. The Palm Jumeirah

You can wander around at leisure on the famous Palm Jumeirah.  The hot day we walked across the bridge to the disconnected Palm Jumeirah in Dubai.

One thing to note though is – as amazing as this place looks when viewed from above – you just can’t see that when you are here. It is just a load of elaborate residential blocks with a brand name casino at the end of it! But worth checking out anyway. At the Casino and Hotel complex at the end of the Palm Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE.

3. The Burj Khalifa
The Burj Khalifa is currently the world’s highest building. It’s entirely free to walk around its circumference on ground level. We managed to backpack our way up to the ninth floor for free as well. It’s free to get into the Armani Hotel and we get to say we’ve been inside the world’s highest building without paying a penny, entirely for free! I couldn’t believe it. There was a paying in section and we managed to get into the lift for the 9th floor and got out into some posh event.

4. Dubai Mall
The Dubai Mall is completely free to enter and walk around. It is quite simply the world’s biggest shopping mall.

dubai free sights the mall

 5. Mosques

Mosques are the obvious one and you knew that was coming. When touring the Middle East you end up visiting a load of Mosques and it does become all a bit repetitive and commonplace. However I dived into a few to check them out. The main one is by Dubai Creek – it’s massive, but there are a few other scattered Mosques. Take your shoes off, dress appropriately and if there’s no photos inside, then respect it.

backpacking in Dubai mosques


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