The Magic of an African Night

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At night Africa really comes into it’s own and it is a fantastic part of any luxury safari when guests can experience this. Many of the big cats are nocturnal, and rarer species such as the honey badger, aadvark and pangolin also only come out at night.

This is why night drives are so popular with guests on a safari – not everywhere offers them but we always recommend trying to pick at least one place that does. You won’t be disappointed.

Due to the lack of light pollution your night game drive will often also involve some of the most magical star gazing in the world. In most places you can see the milky way and many other constellations which one would never have seen from more populated parts of the world.

So as you and your guide drive through the bush at night, illuminated by the moon and stars twinkling down, you will be looking for eyes in the darkness. Suddenly the guide stops the car using the spotlight to hover hopefully over a patch of grass he saw moving – if you’re very lucky it will be a lion or a leopard, often it is only a spring hare or porcupine – the suspense is great fun. Hyenas are also fascinating to watch at night and their haunting call sends a shiver down your spine.

Nights spent out in the African bush are also a highlight – many luxury safari camps and lodges offer the chance to sleep out in the bush in a fly camp or mobile camp. This gets you as close to nature as it is possible to be and you really feel connected after a night listening to lions roar in the distance and cicadas serenading you to sleep. Waking up without an alarm clock as the cacophony of birds break into song as the sun peeps over the horizon is a magical feeling – somehow it all just feels right.   

Provided by our host partner Luxury Safari Company, where you can learn a bit more about experiencing a little luxury in Africa.


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