5 Islands & Hot Spots For Camping in Sydney

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Regardless of your adventure level, there are a few destinations that I’d consider camping and Sydney Australia is one of them. Here are 5 places near Sydney where I’d happily pitch a tent.

1) Cockatoo Island

If the sound of this island doesn’t intrigue you, I’m not sure what will. Based on what I’ve heard, it’s quite the romantic getaway and a lot of that has to do with “glamping.”

If you don’t feel like roughing it out in the wild, you can splurge on a glamorous camping experience where everything is laid out for you, literally. Your tent is already pitched and there are real mattresses to sleep on, not to mention towels, lounges for sun tanning and a lantern. Eat breakfast at The Canteen and head to The Island Bar for flavorful cocktails.

2) Patonga

This campground is actually located in Brisbane Waters National Park and is surrounded by a beach and a creek, both on opposite sides. Coming from New York, this is already sounding like paradise to my tired ears.

Depending on when you visit you can explore the national park, do a bit of paddling or hit the tennis courts. If you’re craving a bit of entertainment and shopping or you just really need a hot shower and more human interaction, hop on the ferry to Palm Beach and then return back to Patonga for a peaceful sleep.

3) Lane Cove River National Park

It’s no secret that I have a strange obsession for wanting to feel the superhuman feeling of flying. Thus, I’m sort of envious of birds but not too much because they are too beautiful and graceful to dislike. Tangent aside, this park is only about six miles away from Harbour Bridge so it’s not a bad hike at all. Plus, you can play “bird watcher” and spot native species. This is not at the same level as glamping but there are a few major amenities here that I’d appreciate including Wi-Fi, a pool and a kitchen.

4) Eden

Again, it was the name that first intrigued me but this Eden has a lot to offer in terms of sightseeing and culture. It’s located between Aslings Beach and Lake Curalo and there’s a cute little boardwalk to stretch your legs and adjust to your new surroundings. As I’m obsessed with whales, I would visit the Whale Museum and whale watch. Eden is about halfway between Sydney and Melbourne and if you plan on visiting both cities anyway, this is a strategic (not to mention gorgeous) stop along the way.

5) Berowra Creek

This is no ordinary creek. Berowra is best known for its gumtrees including blackout, scribbly, peppermint and blue gums. There is a bike track for exercise and several spots to stop for a picnic. Located north of Hornsby, it takes about 45 minutes to drive from Harbour Bridge to Berowra Creek. Take your time as you follow the trail from the Saltmarsh Boardwalk to the Crosslands Reserve, or vice versa. Breathe in the fresh air, snap photos and enjoy the moment. If I did all five camping spots, this seems like it would be a great grand finale.


Photo by Wilson Afonso/Flickr.

Top photo credit: travelblat .com. (Cockatoo Island)

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