10 Fun Miami Foodie Picks

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Hello luxury foodies! Here’s a few picks for you to check out next time you’re in the fun and vibrant city of Miami, which I had the opportunity to spend time in last month when attending a conference and before heading to Aruba.

I wrote a great foodie guide to Aruba as well, so be sure to check it out (warning: it’s pretty extensive so ten times longer than this one but plenty of over the top food shots to whet your appetite). Be sure to check out all of our Foodie Guides.

Above, from Kuenko Food Truck

Tea Houses

There are some great tea houses in Miami, including specialTEA Lounge, Tea N’Sanity, Cauley Square Tea Room and JoJo Tea.

I had an opportunity to hang out with the guys ta JoJo briefly — and sip of course.

They care deeply about making the perfect cuppa tea. Rather than adding stuff to the tea, they’re’ most interested in finding the best of the best: farmers and tea masters with generations of experience and years of direct study.

They look for those geographic jewels: high-elevation farms enshrouded in fresh, cool mists….from the finest hand-harvested, hand-processed teas to delicious machine harvests for iced tea.

There’s also Enchanted Dollhouse, which is a very unique experience.

Photo credit: Yelp

Wynwood Yard

On NW 29th Street, you’ll find Wynwood Yard, which is a pop-up entrepreneurial hub that has a myriad of creative food, drink, design, and more. It’s set in a vibrant outdoor setting in the Wynwood Arts District and they often have life music as well.


Above credit: Wynwood Yard

Some of the restaurants, eateries and food trucks in the yard include MYUMI, The Bar at the Yard, Charcoal Garden Bar & Grill, Kuenko, della test kitchen, Mr. Bing, World Famous House of Mac, Schnitz N’Fritz, Yoga Matcha, The Lone Wolfe and Brazilian Fire (below).

Brazilian Fire

Brazilian Fire is known in South Florida’s as a top rodizio/churrascaria food truck and catering company. They have catered several large-scale events, including international events for companies in the UK and Dubai.

Brazilian Fire uses butcher-cut meats, and local produce and is only grilled over all-natural wood coals, Brazilian fire to ensure that authentic churrascaria flavor.

With over 21 years of rodizio and catering experience, Brazilian Fire’s managers Priscilla Sawaya and Carlos Silva came together with the unique concept of mobilizing Brazilian churrascaria typically found in Brazilian rodizio restaurants and taking it on the road and into homes all over South Florida.

The center bar in the yard.


Below, magic happening at Kuenko’s food truck. Kuenko blends the best of Asian and Spanish cuisine. From Madrid Spain and created by Chef Ricardo Sanz, their presentation is very simple, but he highlights each dish with a Michelin-rated technique.


To give you an idea of their deliciousness, their fresh fish over rice will have you at hello. The Spicy Tuna and the Spicy Salmon includes a fried egg, secret sauce, Japanese lettuce and fried onion pieces whereas the Butter fish combo adds a white truffle pate to it.
Other combos you can have are chicken, Angus beef which is slow cooked for over 8 hours and Eel Kabayaki. Oh so yum – a must try in Miami.



MYUMI Japanese Food Truck

If you’re a fan of omakase, the Japanese style of sushi that allows the chef to choose the dishes, then MYUMI is the spot for you. Now set up at Wynwood Yard, it’s hard to get a reservation and must be done well in advance.

It only seats 6’ish people at a time and he offers a chef’s choice tasting menu made right in front of diners. Behind it is chef Kazuo Yoshida and former TV producer Jake Smith. The chef is Ryo who apparently is VERY particular. In other words, he had a woman guard his truck while he cooked, which made it hard to ask questions or even get a word with him. C’mon, really?

I get that the sushi is fresh and he’s got a ‘name’, but I’ve met plenty of famous chefs over the years who are warm and inviting and are eager to share their love and passion for cooking. And so I left and didn’t bother making a reservation for a future date. I’ve heard that the food is incredibly delicious though and worth doing, so if you don’t mind the attitude, then you can book it

Wynwood Farmer’s Market

Speaking of Wynwood, there’s also a fabulous farmers market as well run by Melissa Frantz who I had an opportunity to grab drinks with before leaving Miami. She’s awesome as is the market.

Above, the Wynwood Farmer’s Market — photo credit: Miami New Times

Quinto La Huella @ EAST

Organic and fresh, grilled meats are the focus at this rustic-chic hotel restaurant with a patio and breathtaking city views. Be sure to read my hotel review on EAST which has plenty of other photos.

From a full fish and grilled octopus, to fresh oysters on the half shell and an on-site sushi bar, they’ve got you covered. They’ve also got plenty of fresh salads as well.

The restaurant turns into a breakfast buffet bar in the mornings — from fresh juices, including green drinks, carrot and watermelon and incredibly delicious coffee to eggs, bacon, cheese, yogurt, fruit, pastries, bagels and more, you won’t go hungry or be disappointed.


Full Bloom

Veggie lovers will love this fresh spot in Miami as it focuses on gourmet vegan cuisine. I had an opportunity to try them out since they had a food truck at the World Happiness Summit, however they have a restaurant for dining over on 11 Island Avenue in Miami. Their mission is to bring animal-caring, health conscious cuisine to food levels in Miami and provide an intimate special dining experience.

It’s reservation only but worth signing up for – take a look! Each dish was freshly prepared and incredibly scrumptious. That’s a zucchini spaghetti in case you’re wondering.


Pubbelly Station @ the Langford

Scrumptious dishes include BBQ dates with bacon, smoked brisket and coleslaw (oh so southern), grilled octopus with aji panca pepper, chorizo, sweet potato and cilantro, grilled bone marrow with parsley-shallot salad and country toast (LOVE THIS), and the stone crab linguini, which I didn’t try but it was egging me on, as was the roasted beet salad with walnuts, and raspberry vinaigrette horseradish.

Check out our full blown review here. Other call outs go to Jumbo Stone Crabs, Yellowtail Taquito with red onion, radish and avocado mousse, and the Hamachi Crudo (my favorite), which they served with gazpacho vinagrette, red pepper panzanella and paprika oil.

Other call outs go to the Wagyu Beef Tartare slider with a parmesan-truffle cream with fries and Onion soup dumplings (shown below), which they top with gruyere cheese and serve with brioche croutons.

And, how about these divine brussels sprouts with salted caramel, smoked house bacon and peanuts? They were to die-for, so much so that I could have eaten this dish alone all night long — oh so yum!!

Miami Fruit

They source fresh fruit from local farms from South Florida. They began as a small fruit stand and now deliver throughout the United States.

Be sure to check out our Food and Wine section for more fun.

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