Yingge: Taiwan’s Pottery Town District

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Colorful Pottery

Yingge, a small town just 30 minutes south of Taipei, is a beautiful little area known island-wide for its traditional pottery.

The cobblestone streets of Yingge have been attracting lovers of pottery for over two centuries.

The district first became known for its pottery-making in 1804, when a man named Wu An set up the first pottery business after emigrating from mainland China.

It’s no surprise that the pottery industry has flourished here.

The town’s strategic position to a plentiful supply of quality clay and the Dahan River have ensured an ongoing production of fine-quality ceramics.

Today, visitors from home and abroad come here to browse through the dusty shelves and numerous pottery shops for exquisite objects by the town’s artisans.

Visitors can even try their own hand at making pottery at one of the many DIY shops. Just remember to make your reservations in advance!

DIY Pottery in Yingge


The Tunnel Kiln is another local attraction that was built in the 60s. This well-preserved kiln is one of a few mass-production kilns in the area. Ceramics were moved in and out of the kiln on a type of trolley.

Traditional Pottery in Yingge
Giant pots in Yingge

Just a 50-minute train ride from Taipei Main Station, Yingge is a popular option for many visitors who are looking to do a day trip outside of Taipei City. For many, no trip to Yingge is complete with stopping by the Taipei County Yingge Ceramics Museum, a showcase for the ceramic craftsmenship that has set the town apart from other towns in Taiwan for over two hundred years. The museum, which opened in 2000, was built to rejuvenate the town and attract tourism. The exhibitions feature an array of applications for which ceramics can be used, including examples of vases, teapots, plates, and other ornaments. Old Pottery Street, a section of Jianshanpu Road that is lined with shops that sell ceramic goods and the Yingge Ceramics Park were also renovated to attract more visitors.

With over one hundred stores and shops to choose from, expect to spend the better part of your day choosing the perfect souvenir to take home as a memento of your day in Yingge.

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