Travel Photography: Where to Head for Stunning Imagery

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On the road, I have discovered that sometimes even the most amateur photographer can capture a beautiful moment and freeze it in time. If you’re headed to any of these five destinations this year, lucky you! These locales are extremely photogenic and you’ll come back with some wonderful images to prove it.


Israel may be small on the geographic scale, but it’s diverse in every other sense. Tel Aviv is the best place to capture locals at play, whether that be at nightclubs, lounging on the beach or biking through town. Jerusalem has a totally different feel and is mainly comprised of religious monuments and historical backdrops. Many people visit Israel to grow in spirituality so many of your pictures will likely have an emotion attached, which is one of my favorite things about sifting through them post-trip. For more nature shots, head to Haifa where you can view gardens, flowers all while taking in the impressive view of the Mediterranean Sea.

Jerusalem in the Morning


I am convinced that Maui is a bubble of beauty and feel a twinge of jealousy anytime I remember that some people actually get to call this magical island home. For one thing, Maui is surrounded by nature so if you’re interested in pursuing landscape photography, this is a great place to start. From hiking trails to a slew of water activities like surfing and stand up paddle boarding (SUP), there’s never a dull moment on Maui.  Camp out for either sunrise or sunset…maybe even both, and watch as the colors change. For a cultural angle, snag a ticket to a luau where you can marvel at the vibrant colored costumes.

The World's Most Photogenic Destinations


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Norway is my Neverland. Having visited this picturesque country in the winter and the summer, it’s really a toss up as to which time of year is better to photograph. Winter is the perfect season to spot snowfall and it’s literally everywhere. You find it on the tops of quaint log cabins, on the slopes and on the glistening city streets of Oslo. During the summer, the fjord region is a great area to focus on because everything is in full bloom. With villages like Geiranger and Håholmen not to mention the Art Nouveau style of architecture found in Ålesund, there’s no end of where and what you can photograph.

5 Effortlessly Photogenic Places


Japan is the only country I’ve visited (yet!) in Asia but it quickly became one of my top places to photograph. Everything from the architecture to the intricate detail seen in the shrines, Japan is a continuous blur of inspiration. I was most fascinated by the culture so many of my pictures focused on the people rather than the places. Tokyo’s energy is contagious and it wasn’t long before I felt at home. Kyoto, on the other hand, is slightly less intimidating. I spent most of my time focusing on neighborhoods including a few on the outskirts. Arashiyama has a few lookout points that are helpful in capturing the essence of the entire district.

Tokyo Photography


Europe as a whole is very photogenic. Cobblestone streets, lush green parks and fashionable trendsetters are common threads in many countries and Croatia is no exception. What I appreciated about visiting Croatia during the off-season was not having to compete with other tourists for photographs. In simpler terms, I didn’t have a bunch of random passerby in all my photos. Zagreb, for example, has a little bit of everything and is ideal for any city slicker. From local street art to ground-breaking attractions like the Museum of Broken Relationships, something will spark your interest and that’s the trail you should follow.

Zagreb Photography


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