The South Lake Tahoe Guide to Adventure & Food

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South Lake Tahoe is a great long weekend trip or if you are making it into a family outing, then you could easily spend a week up there during any season — skiing in the winter, hiking and boating during the summer and fall, and skylining, barbecueing and picnics in the Spring. There’s also Spring skiing (be sure to see our blog post write-up on our spring skiing experience at Heavenly recently). Once the weather is warmer, other fun things to do, particularly with kids include a four-lane zip line center, a treetop canopy tour, two ropes course and a new 3,000 food-ling zip line as part of Heavenly’s new Epic Discovery Program, slated to open this summer.

If you do end up skiing at Heavenly, a great place for breakfast in the village is Driftwood Cafe. When taking a drive of the area, put Getaway Cafe and Getaway on your list which are both lovely luncheon spots on your way to the South Shore.

Lake Tahoe is so massive that it expands into both the states of Nevada and California. We entered from the California side and spent time in both and even stayed in both (a couple of nights at Ridge Tahoe on the Nevada Side and then right on the lake at The Landing), which is on the California side. Tahoe is the 11th deepest lake in the world, with 63 streams feeding into it. Only one flows out – the Truckee River. Lake Tahoe’s water never reaches the ocean but it does flow into  into Reno and Pyramid Lake.

For hikes, you can take a longer meander around Van Sickle or a more leisurely stroll along Zephyr Beach. See one of my favorite shots below. (other shots can be found towards the end of this post).

Reserve a time for an outside lunch on the patio at Edgewood Tahoe Brooks Bar & Deck, an idyllic place to spend a leisurely afternoon when the sun is out.  (see our separate write-up on this property, which also houses a stellar golf course).

There’s a beautiful sightseeing tour along the stunning Highway 89, which is on your way out of town if heading back to northern California. You can stop at a number of places for a hike, a picnic or just to take in the views. You can’t miss iconic Emerald Bay, where you walk down to the Vikingsholm Castle and the beach. Below are some of the stunning views we took of Emerald Bay.

 Fallen Leaf Lake is one of the locals favorite locations to walk around and just relax for the afternoon.

Don’t miss out on Zephyr Cove, which is about four miles outside the main South Lake Tahoe area. Cave Rock is also en route, which is a fabulous place to climb right before sunset. Bring a bottle of wine and some bread and cheese and take in the sunset with a whole lotta silence and serenity around you. Go on a journey of Zephyr Cove with me.

Below is the beach at Camp Richardson, where you can have lunch at the Beacon Bar, a popular summer spot with a boat load of interesting history. We would highly recommend this restaurant/bar as a lunch stop — think outside seating overlooking the lake and the margaritas, burgers and salads are fabulous, as is the hospitality.

Here’s the view of a main ridge as you are either entering the South Lake Tahoe area or returning to northern California. You’ll pass over this stunning ridge with the to-die-for views!

South Lake Tahoe is about a four hour drive from the San Francisco Bay Area. Be sure to check out our other blog posts on the area, including the Spring Skiing at Heavenly at South Lake Tahoe, eating and staying at The Landing, other great restaurant finds in the area, as well as the fun time we had at Tahoe Ridge including Stephen Moise’ cooking class held on Tuesday nights. We included video on this one it was so special.

For more information on the destination visit www.tahoesouth. com.


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