The Best of British: Great Reasons For A Day Out In The UK

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We can hear the grumbles now, as Britons realise that they can’t afford to leave the UK for a holiday this year. But why would you want to? Below, we’ve showcased the best of British, to get you inspired for your getaway.

 Hotel: Cameron House, Loch Lomond

 This impressive hotel has class. In 2012, it won the Best Resort Hotel and benefits from romantic lake views and a fantastic whisky selection. Well, this is Scotland, after all. If you’re not interested in anything outdoorsy (like hiking) during your stay, you can occupy yourself by spending the day on the golf course or in the spa. You’ll even have the opportunity to dine at a variety of restaurants, including a Michelin-star winner.

Zoo: ZSL London Zoo

Nestled in the gorgeous Regent’s Park is the ZSL London Zoo, the world’s oldest scientific zoo. With more than 720 different species to see and an array of exciting, innovative and inspiring exhibits, London Zoo has a lot to take in. You’ll be guaranteed a day packed with wonderful sights that will make for a fantastically memorable day out for you and your family.

Beach: Woolacombe, Devon

 Who says you can’t hit the sand and have a great time in the UK? Sure, the weather may not be as reliable, but it doesn’t have to put a dampener on your day out. Head to 2013’s best beach, Woolacombe. The coastline is clean, well-maintained, and a beautiful spot for paddling!

Vineyard: Furleigh Estate, Dorset

So you think the UK can’t rival France and Italy for its choice of wines. Okay, so you may be right, but Furleigh Estate creates some internationally recognised vinos and offers wine-lovers an opportunity to explore the vineyards of southern Britain. Don’t forget to take a bottle of Classic Cuvee with you!

Fish and Chips: The Bay, Aberdeenshire

What’s more British than the humble fish and chips? Head to Aberdeenshire for the best platter in the country. The Bay has bagged the Independent’s 2013 award for Takeaway Fish & Chip shop of the year and is well-known for its environmentally-friendly practices. These cods are green in a good way!

Camping: Old Oaks Touring Park, Somerset

If you’re looking for a cheap, adult-only getaway, this campsite has got the full works (and has won AA’s campsite of the year, 2013). You can enjoy wonderful views, unimpeded by screaming children, and you’ll have plenty of space to put up your tent.

When the outdoors starts getting to you, the site offers homemade cakes to keep up your spirits. And if you’re a creature of comforts, you can indulge in free Wi-Fi and battery charging points.

Attraction: Edinburgh Castle

 Just in case Edinburgh wasn’t beautiful enough, you have the grand heritage castle to marvel at! Inside, you can gaze at the Crown Jewels and the famous cannon, Mons Meg. Learn your Scottish history, and discover the tumultuous past of the Northern gentry, in one of the most fascinating attractions in the UK.

This sponsored post has been composed and contributed by our furry friends at, a fantastic option for a family fun day out. Photo credit: Edinburg Castle – tkamenick on Flickr. Woolacombe Beach Photo Credit is from Xelcise on Flickr. Cameron House from uk. 

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