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Linah Lamula is an incredible storyteller. From South Africa, she began her story telling when she started working in the game reserve through teaching and eventually became the principal of the school for 19 years. She has the most incredible ability to relate to all ages, whether it be the toddlers in at the school, to the 21 year old camp manager, to guests, she will always have an incredible story to tell.

Linah's warm smile

Linah’s warm smile

One of her favourite stories to tell is the one of the Shangaan tribe and culture. Without spoiling this story too much for our future guests who may visit the village with her, the only thing that I will touch on is that the Shangaan tribe is an incredibly small tribe in South Africa. The Mpumalanga state is the only state in South africa that it exists.

The traditional Shangaan village at Londolozi.

A traditional Shangaan village. In the Shangaan culture singing and dancing is incredibly traditional and woman and men often tell stories through song and dance.

The Londolozi Ladies Choir going out to surprise guests in the bush!

Ladies Choir going out to surprise guests in the bush! Linah’s interaction with guests does not end at her choir performances.

Linah with guests on a village walk

Linah with guests on a village walk


Linah in her choir attire

Linah in her choir attire

Written by Kate Neill

Rich Laburn
Rich Laburn is filmmaker, photographer and writer who is based at Londolozi Game Reserve in South Africa. Spending his time capturing scenes of the wild and communicating the beauty of the African bushveld, he runs the Londolozi Blog as a way to entertain and engage people wishing to visit these wild lands.
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