Striving to Dispel Some Saudi Arabian Mysteries on March 6 in San Francisco



The Commonwealth Club in San Francisco will welcome speaker Karen Elliott House, AuthorSaudi Arabia: Its People, Past, Religion, Fault Lines- and Future with Robert Rosenthal, Executive Director, Center for Investigative Reporting as Moderator on March 6, 2013. They will be discussing An Inside Look At Saudi Arabia.

Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Karen Elliott House will use observation, anecdote, extensive interviews and analysis, to navigate the maze in which Saudi citizens find themselves trapped.  She will also dispel some of the mysteries surrounding this nation that is the world’s largest exporter of oil, critical to global stability, and a source of Islamist terrorists.



House, recently wrote a series of articles based on her month long travels in Saudi Arabia for the Wall Street Journal. She formerly held the position of senior president of Dow Jones International Group and worked as a publisher for the Wall Street Journal. During her 32 years at the Journal, she worked as a reporter, executive, and foreign editor, concentrating her research in internal affairs.

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