Sample Some Delicious Traditional Dishes from Norway

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Norway has a slew of traditional dishes that any avant-garde traveler would enjoy. and I tried most of them during my visit. Here are a few of my favorite foods from Norway.

Breakfast: Waffels and Jam

Shortly upon landing at Oslo airport I was greeted with a delicious breakfast that many Norwegians eat at the start of their day. Not exactly healthy, but it was just what I needed to satisfy my sweet tooth. Toppings included cream, jam, butter and similar spreads and waffles are often eaten rolled up like a burrito. This is often accompanied with a low-fat yogurt and fruit bowl.

breakfast 1024x768 Delicious Foods from Norway

Lunch: Seafood Sandwiches

I ate several different seafood dishes in Norway, especially in Oslo which is located right near the water. On this particular day, we were served a variety of sandwiches comprised of meats, seafood and vegetables.

Perhaps my favorite lunches were actually the soups. In Norefjell we tasted three different soups. One was meat-based, another moose and the third was Jerusalem artichoke and potato. Soups are Norway’s version of “fast food” and the fresh seafood soups I ate in Oslo were among my favorite.

lunch 1024x768 Delicious Foods from Norway

Dinner: Reindeer Filet & Aquavit

My last dinner in Norway was a sampling of reindeer filet with three different game sauces. The glasses in front of each plate contain aquavit, a traditional Nordic alcohol. Aquavit has a very strong taste but you can disguise the flavoring in fruity cocktails, which I did the night before.

dinner 1024x764 Delicious Foods from Norway

Dessert: A Taste of Home

Norway certainly had several traditional desserts but this particular night I chose to keep it simple with macaroons and tarts. Creme Brulee, sorbet and lemon custards are other popular desserts often offered at local restaurants.

dessert 1024x768 Delicious Foods from Norway

Cocktail anyone? Here’s a shot of me at the Ice Bar we visited in Lillehammer.

DSC00180 1024x768 Delicious Foods from Norway

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One Response to Sample Some Delicious Traditional Dishes from Norway

  1. Terrier March 13, 2012 at 3:04 pm #

    “Welcome to Oslo Airport and waffles for breakfast”? This is NOT what Norwegians have for breakfast; you went straight into the tourist trap. Waffles is a dessert instead of cake or if friends come over in the evening.

    Keep in mind that Norwegians don’t drink aquavite for lunch. Maybe at restaurants that want to please tourists. Aquavite is a typical Christmas “Schnaps” that goes well with fatty food.

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