Note to Self: When in Colombia, Zip Line When the Weather is Nice

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Although I was pre-warned, I clearly underestimated the daily amount of rainfall in Bogota. Forgetting to pack both my raincoat and umbrella certainly didn’t help matters.

While rain is not exactly my favorite weather condition, it’s completely normal for Bogota residents who don’t let a little bad weather ruin their day. In an effort to fell more local, I put on my game face and braved the great outdoors for what turned out to be an anything but ordinary Saturday afternoon.

Heading for the hills, we made our way to Colombia Xtrema, an outdoor adventure space that hosts a variety of extreme sporting and leisure activities including zip-lining, paintballing, bungee jumping, horseback riding and ecological hikes.

Since Bogota is not your quintessential tourist destination, more often than not, you will find locals here, which is a great opportunity to get the scoop on other city escapes. An easy drive from Bogota makes it a popular weekend excursion.

Testing my own limits, I started the day off with a quad ride through several miles of hills and farmland. Be prepared bumpy roads, mud-stained clothes and potential collisions with cars driving the opposite way. Your competitive side is sure to come out, making speeding and swerving hard to resist.

Rivaling the excitement of an open road is the equally captivating landscapes that surround the trail in every direction. Although I’ve only been in Bogota a few days, I’m guessing this view is hard to beat. The silence alone is enough for any urban traveler to feel as if they are in unknown territory.

In true “low-season” form, our group was offered heavily discounted prices for the three-part zip-lining course. Being that my level of Spanish fluency is next to nothing and that I’m extremely afraid of heights, naturally I agreed.

Surprisingly, the biggest challenge for me that day was the steep hike up to the highest zip line drop. Alas, I also managed to forget to pack sneakers so my climb was done in ballet flats.

So if you find yourself in Bogota and looking for a bit of adventure and landscape, testing your physical limits in the pouring rain may be your best bet.


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