Jaffa, Nature, Art & Nightlife in Israel’s Tel Aviv

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Tel Aviv is one of Israel’s most popular cities and after spending only a few days here, it’s easy to see why so many people adore Tel Aviv.


In the center of Tel Aviv is the Carmel Open-Air Market, brimming with local fruit, spices, street food, clothes and souvenirs. The market is inexpensive, allowing you to try a little bit of everything. On Tuesdays and Fridays Tel Aviv’s Art & Craft Fair takes place along Nachalat Benjamin Street. Here you will find examples of local art, cafes and street performers. This area is a great starting place for anyone visiting Tel Aviv.


Tel Aviv is known for its lively nightlife scene and while I didn’t make it to every single bar, club and lounge, I can recommend a couple worth a drink. Rothschild 12 is a bar with both a performance stage and an outdoor patio space. The laid-back atmosphere is perfect for chatting with friends and listening to music. Radio E.P.G.B is an underground bar (both literally and figuratively) playing classic punk and indie-electronica tunes. For a bit of role reversal, head to Nanuchka, a lively venue where the men dance and sing on the bar.


Tel Aviv has an excellent bike system which basically involves buying a rental card and picking up/dropping off your bike in one of the many designated areas around the city. I highly recommend taking a bike ride along the beaches of Tel Aviv. It’s a great way to observe local life while enjoying the scenic view. Although sidewalks are not intended for bicyclists, many locals and tourists frequently bike along these paths,making for a non-threatening bike experience.


The port of Jaffa is the perfect place for the avant-garde traveler on the hunt for a vintage bargain. Here you will find antique markets with just about any item you can imagine. Don’t be afraid to haggle a bit, as this is common for vendors. The street food in Jaffa is inexpensive and delicious so make sure to try a few different dishes as you walk along the graffitied streets. The Ilana Goor museum is located in Jaffa and has an extensive collection of the famous artists’s quirky artwork plus a view of the beach from her rooftop.


Technically its own city, Holon is located just outside from Tel Aviv and is home to the Design Museum. The exhibit changes about four times per year and often showcases local Israeli designers. The current exhibit is one that features artists creating work that calls attention to both function and more abstract elements. The museum’s exterior is a remarkable example of modern architecture and design.


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