Bogota’s Andres Carne De Res

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As part of my Colombian initiation, every local I talked to suggested eating at one very special restaurant: Andres Carne de Res. Although there is a location located in Bogota, the famous and original location is in a neighboring town called Chia. Coming from New York, I’m used to my fare share of craziness but nothing could prepare me for the decor that lines literally every wall, floor and ceiling of Andres Carde de Res.

About thirty minutes after sitting down at our table, we were greeted by a band playing instruments and singing a song in Spanish that I couldn’t quite understand. My boyfriend and I were then chosen as “honorary guests of the house” and I was given a crown to wear, thoroughly exciting my inner 5 year-old self.  We then put our dancing skills to the test when the band instructed us to put on a show for the rest of the customers.

Part of my being crowned Colombian Queen was doing a litter dance at our table. Although the entire charade is something one might find at a tourist trip, the majority of people who come to Andres Carne de Res are locals. This is partly due to it being outside Bogota in Chia. An interesting addition to the restaurant is an outside bar specifically designed as a hangout for the celebrity bodyguards.

The menu itself is more like a book or special edition magazine so deciding exactly what to order was a bit tricky. I stuck for my favorite cocktail – Chile’s Pisco Sour and for the main course, we ordered one of their famous meat dishes. There was also red wine, a milkshake tropical cocktail and a whole lot of dancing involved throughout the night. By the time we were finally ready to leave, I felt vey much like a Botero painting.


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