Beautiful British Columbia on the Alaska Highway: a hint of true North


batterd spruce trees blue, pink, yellow sky silouette

We’re in Fort Nelson, far north British Columbia on our way to Alaska. The internet is limited and slow, so this  photo will have to tell the story for now. This was taken after 10pm through the window of Turtle at a boondock on the Alaska Highway, or as the Canadians have signed it, the Great Northern. I prefer Great Northern; more romantic than the Alaska Highway.

Long days of slantlong  light, and the landscape rolling off to infinity, makes for a magical sense of otherness, of strange timelessness. We love the road, and this one is special.

Claire Rogers
Claire Rogers writes on cross-cultural adventure drawn from her travels across the Silk Road from Beijing to Istanbul, around Australia and of course, through Iceland--all by bike.

She's currently traveling by tandem with her husband Bob, through southwest China, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. Check out for more information on their travels.
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