Anthony Turton on Reinventing Uncivilization

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In the current world view, nature is seen to be chaotic and destructive. Descartes spoke of being the master and owner of Nature. To him, Nature was a problem – something to be “owned” and “tamed”. During TEDx Cape Town, Tony asked the audience and all of us as people to reinvent uncivilization, not as a mutant of the current barbaric form of what we call “civilization”, based on the control of Nature; but rather as a form of peaceful coexistence between Homo sapiens and the environment. Our significance as human beings derives from being part of Nature, rather than being a master and owner of Nature.

Anthony Turton is a thought leader interested in solving seemingly intractible problems. He is the author of Shaking Hands with Billy and was the SAB Environmentalist of the Year (2010).

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