10 Exciting Tel Aviv Bars For Your Travel Bucket List


Tel Aviv is known for its nightlife and there are always new venues popping up all the time. Below is a list of ten exciting and fun bars worth checking out next time you head to Israel. Centrally placed on Dizengoff Square, across from the fashionable, there are a ton of hip and urban bars and bistros as well as loungy places with comfortable sofas.

Nanutchka [Lilinblum 28 St. Ph:03-5162254]

I loved this place. Old world meets Georgia meets Bohemian. This bar is also a Gruze restaurant (Georgian) and the the décor is pure Gruze style which means a lot of funky gold and mirrors and oh so Eastern European.

The owner Nana is a patron of underground artists so writers and artists also spend time here. Check out the shartrez, an alcohol made with spices or the gruze specialties.

Betty Ford [Nachlat Binyamin 48 St. Ph:03-5100650]

Betty Ford has a cool long bar with satellite tables and outdoor sitting, a cross between a neighborhood bar and a hip and hopping place, as well as a familiar haunt for architects and artists.

There is a table soccer set free of charge in the basement. Different DJs every night bring different feels to the place. Try to get a place on the corner of the bar.

M.a.s.h [Dizengoff 275 St. Ph:03-6051007]

The long time tourist capital bar of Tel Aviv is also a regular night out for many native Israelis. The place is managed for years by a cool British guy; it is a classic sports bar with big screens playing live sporting events. The waitresses are mostly non-Israelis, usually tourists that found themselves staying much longer than planned. The place is located in the far north of Dizengoff Street on the crossroad with Ben Yehuda.

Silon [King George 89 St. Ph:03-6200053]

Not far from the Eckman, on King George st. is the Silon (Jet). This is a classic neighborhood bar will regular clientele, and a nice relaxed atmosphere. The crowd is more mature and a bit artsy-bohemian.
Gordon Inn Bar [Gordon 17 St. Ph:03-5238239]

Gordon inn is a nice and tidy hostel in the corner of Ben Yehuda/Gordon and has a classic bar with good energies, many tourists in the season and a quite loyal Israeli clientele. This is a good option for a casual night and meeting people.

Abraxxas [Lilinblum 40 St. Ph:03-5104435]

I recently discovered this place, which has an unassuming exterior. The bar is shaped irregularly which allows for many corners (better for conversation), surrounded by low tables with comfy sofas. The crowd is diverse and interesting and there is a pool table on the second floor. Prices are standard, which means overpriced.

Lilenblum 22 [Lilinblum 22 St. Ph:03-5172530]

A Tel Aviv classic. Dark, smoky, a bit sleazy. Everything a bar should be. Music is loud and usually electronic.

Shesek and Mishmish [Lilinblum 17 St. Ph:03-5168178]

Just across form the Lilenblum 22 are two bars set side by side, owned by the same people and both named after fruits. Despite the similarities the bars are quite different. The left hand one (never could tell which is which) is younger and more of a lounge bar. The right hand one, is very cool, with two bars and something of a 19th century luxury train look. The crowd is thirtyish, elegant and generally well to do. Drinks are expensive, but the bar is well stocked.

Lansky [Montifiori 6 St. Ph:03-5170043]

Named after Jewish underworld boss Meir Lansky, this is supposed to be the largest bar in the Middle East. The Lansky is located under the Shalom tower on Montifiori Street. The bar is immense and is the central facet of the place. Six handsome barmen serve this 200 seat bar. The Lansky has a high ceiling and a dark clean look. Each part of the bar has different people and a micro atmosphere, thus if you don’t like the buzz on the door side walk over to the far side and see what is going on.

Golden Bar [Rothchild 9 St. Ph:03-5169191]

Set at the end of Rotchild Boulevard, this bar is a summertime favorite. With a balcony overlooking Tel Aviv’s first kiosk, and reasonably priced drinks, this has been a popular choice during the hot summer nights. Large bar and another outside on the balcony. During weekend there is loud music, usually rock and golden oldies. Good place to check out Tel Aviv’s summer time energies.

Blaumich [Rothchild 32 St. Ph:03-5608852]

Also set on the Rotchild Boulevard near the corner with Alenby st. is the Blaumich. This bar has an indoor bar and sofa seating area as well as an outside one overlooking the boulevard. The clientele is young and good looking, the staff helpful and attentive and there are different DJs during the week and weekend.

Inspired by original list which was posted at TelAviv Insider – tel-aviv-insider.com. Photo credits: Gordon photo: www.gogobot. com. Nanutchka from TripAdvisor.com. Betty Ford: www. drunkintelaviv.co.il.

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